Reviews for yageyan Men’s High Top Canvas Sneakers Fashion Lace up Walking Shoes Casual Classic

People say Yageyan is really similar to Converse.


Who needs chucks?

10 MONTH UPDATE: These are wore out after 10 months. About the same length of time my Converses would last. So yeah, these are a no them already! Ive been wearing black hightop converses since the know? Back when they were less that 10 bucks a pair? I cringed at spending 50+ bucks for my last pair. Well they are wore slap out and I needed a new pair. Now I see their 80-90 bucks!!! What the heck? Its a hunk of rubber with some cloth on it! The hipster in crowd has priced me out of what I wear yet again (Levi 501 button fly being another). Hey young about you just find your own thing and leave us old people our stuff? Came across these and figured Id give them a shot. WOW, these are actually better than my old trusty chucks! They look the same other than the circle converse patch and the rubber being slightly different. The insole has a very slight cushion to it......converses have nothing. The laces are a proper length, chucks laces were always too long. The sizing is the same. If your on the fence give these a shot, for a quarter of the price you get a better shoe.


Good shoes for a good price

If you are looking for a pair of basic high top sneakers, but you don’t feel like dropping 50, 60, or $70, definitely check these out. They look and feel similar to converse. The rubber and the canvas material feels very similar as well. As you can see, there are no logos on the sides of the uppers of the sneakers. That’s fine. When it comes to purchasing the right size, definitely get the same size that you normally wear in Converse. Now, depending on what you are going to be using these shoes for, and depending on what services you are going to be walking on, you may want to consider getting an aftermarket insert because the soles are very thin, so you may feel the surface of the ground that you are working on. I don’t wear them all the time, so I cannot tell you how durable they are. I can tell you that I have been wearing them for a while now, and I haven’t had any issues as far as them falling apart. For what they are, and the price that they are listed at, these shoes are actually pretty damn good.


Affordable Comfort

These sneakers are comfortable out of the box. They look good with a good fit. Although not Converse but neither is the price. These will be worn both in the yard and running errands. I applied two coats of Kiwi Camp Dry as I do with all of my footwear.


Exactly as expected

I wear these as my “gym shoes” for lifting. Durable enough to last me roughly a year at 5-6 days/week, and stylish enough to wear out sometimes (but I rarely do). For the price point they definitely get the job done. If you’re looking for a “converse all star” knockoff of the chuck Taylor style, they don’t have that circle-star thing on the inside ankle, but are otherwise the same.


Great alternative to expensive converse

I had hoped they were not going to be cheaply made and I was not disappointed. Great paid of kicks without the heavy price.


Great bargain

These sneakers have a low price but are high quality. Very comparable to converse. They are true to their size


As good as chucks

These look just like Converse and my boys say they are very comfortable.


comfort and value

A+ product. I have real Converse tennis shoe and they are more comfortable to me.


What a bargain

I needed white high tops for a theatre production and wasn’t looking to pay big bucks for Converse All-Stars. These were perfect and a great price. So nice I’ll wear them after the show.


They wear out fast!

PROS: These look and feel about the same as real Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, but are much more affordable. CONS: They are nowhere near as durable or long-lasting as real Chucks and therefore don’t last nearly as long when worn daily as a main pair of shoes. The outer canvas was prone to tearing, the rubber sidewalls split at the “bent toe” position much faster than they inevitably do on real Chucks, and on one of mine the inner canvas lining has torn away from the sole at the heel of the shoe... there is also a tear in the outer canvas at the heel. This is only from about 2.5 months of use.