Reviews for Vapor Apparel Men's Outdoor UPF 50+ Long Sleeve T-Shirt, UV Sun Protection for Fishing, Running, Hiking

People say Vapor Apparel is really similar to Coolibar.


I likie but had an issue

I bought one of these shirts and liked it so I bought two more. On of the the two separated at the seem. There was not enough material in the stitch. This looks like it will be an ok short but Coolibar shirts are better quality but more expenses. Let’s see how these hold up over time.


A good value!

This did the job and protected my husband from the sun. We did have to order one size smaller for him, because it was too long in his regular size. It did dry a little slower than my Coolibar shirt, but still faster than a cotton shirt.


The Winner By A Nose

This spring, I've worn 5 different new SPF 50 long sleeved shirts for running. I'm 5-11, 160, 32 W, 38 Chest, 33 sleeve, 16 neck. I run in the mornings when it's cooler. None of these are as light and airy as my Columbia SPF-50 fishing shirt that I mow in but, of course, that's a button-up. Gym People - the thickest/heaviest of the bunch. Fits fairly loosely and the sleeves are long, so they easily cover your hands if you wish. Not that breathable or quick-drying. Best from about 50-55 degrees or if there's some wind and its closer to 60. The others are superior for warmer temps. Columbia - softer and a bit lighter, also breathes better. Has designed hand-covers. Fits a bit more snugly than the Gym P. Fine for mid-50's to low 60's. Coolibar - lighter and more breathable yet. Fits about like the Columbia. No hand covers and the sleeves aren't as long as the Gym P. You can wear them over your hands but there's a bit of stretch. Ideal range would be high 50's to mid-60's. The winners = Mountain Hard Wear Crater Lake and Vapor Apparel. The lightest of the bunch and the most breathable. The VA dries faster than the Crater Lake; the CL is a bit softer. The CL has built-in hand covers; the VA doesn't but the sleeves are long enough to cover. Both work well into the 70's. All 5 are good shirts. For cooler or windy days, I's take the Columbia. For hotter or more humid days, I think the VA might just edge out the Mountain. The Coolibar is a good do-everything choice.