Reviews for PRANG Ready-to-Use Washable Tempera Paint, 16-Ounce Bottle, Red (10701)

People say Prang is really similar to Crayola.


Good alternative to Crayola washable paint

I bought this as a cheaper alternative to Crayola washable paint. I’m happy I did. It’s thinner than crayola but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because my son uses a but less of it. It’s washable and clean up is easy with a rag, but I clean up immediately after use and my son wears a smock. So far so good!


Typical Tempera: poor coverage, not opaque at all

So I wanted to leave a bad review on this paint because it is so watery, so thin, and despite multiple coats it remained virtually clear. However, my husband, an artist, tells me tempera is just junk paint so it does what is expected of it. He felt it was unfair to leave a poor review on a product that is performing as it normally does. I would return it but that seems like a hassle, so I will have to hope I have poster making opportunities in my future since evidently Tempera excels at that. In the meantime I was able to use some old Crayola white finger paints which covered the little pine pieces I was painting. I guess I know what to buy in the future when I want acrylic like coverage without the cost: finger-paints. If you need thin paint with poor coverage, this is perfect. The level of thickness is lighter than the lightest layer of wet mod podge.