Reviews for Unforgivable By Sean John For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Oz.

People say Sean John is really similar to Creed.


So many compliments

I love the way Unforgivable smells, Not just that, I get so many compliments when i wear the fragrance. I also wear Creed, YSL Y, and Chanel Bleu and Unforgivable is obviously the cheapest, However it's 2nd in compliments. I highly recommend PLUS you cant beat the price.


Scent at price point

Great fragrance especially at its price point... pretty much a clone of Creed Millesime imperial but with better performance IMO!!!!


The ultimate night out scent. My wife likes this one a lot.

A clone of Creed Millesime. Definitely a great cologne to have. More of a date night fragrance, but it's the one!



To begin I have to say that to MOST people a fragrance, male or female, is just some " perfume " they spray on to smell good and ( hopefully attract ) attractive members of the opposite ( or perhaps ) same sex by the smell of the fragrance when it mingles ever so subtly with a person's very own body chemistry as they go throughout the day, perspiring heavily or softly, and generally giving off massive amounts of body heat caused by a person's own internal combustion engine, which in this case would be a person's entire body. So to the teeming masses out there who don't give a fig about smelling " their best ", these teeming masses wouldn't think about shelling out some EXTREMELY EXORBITANT prices for some of the truly outrageously priced fragrances out there that are made with products you would have to travel to Saturn to get! Well, to those people who WOULD NOT SPEND AN ARM AND A LEG ON AN EXPENSIVE FRAGRANCE, MY HAT IS OFF TO YOU FOR YOUR PRACTICALITY, SPENDTHRIFTNESS, LONGSIGHTED GOAL-PLANNING, AND general all-in-all smarts. But what does a person do when they want SOMETHING that smells like a MILLION dollars, but can only afford ONE HUNDRED? There is not much one can do, but a multi-millionaire like Sean " P. Diddy " Combs can do something about that, and believe you me folks, HE DID. You see, " Sean John Unforgivable " is almost a CARBON-COPY RIPOFF of the famous 300-year-old " Green Irish Tweed " by the world-famous ( among celebrities, millionaires, wannabes and those... Read More


Good option is you don’t want to buy Creed

If you’re looking at this product that isn’t widely marketed, it’s probably because you saw a review on YouTube claiming that it smells similar to Creed’s Millesime Imperial. Have a smelled the real stuff? No. I can tell you this smells really good. I also have the Armaf version, Milestone. I think this one was a little less expensive and is a good option. Again, the scent is very good. I love it. It doesn’t last all that long, probably a few hours, but most scents of this type don’t last long. That’s just how it goes. For the cost and as good as it smells, it’s a very good option.


Smells similar to Creed gold bottle, but doesn't last ...

Smells similar to Creed gold bottle, but doesn't last as long. That's why is a ¼ of the cost.