Reviews for Chums Universal Fit Rope Eyewear Retainer, Black, One Size Fits Most (92301)

People say Chums is really similar to Croakies.


Five Stars

made in america nice alternative to croakies. looks very slighly less dorky than croakies. but only just slightly.


Made in USA

I was reluctant in buying this, because nowhere in the product description lists where it was made. But I needed retainers for my Pivothead video sunglasses, and none of the others which I already had fit the thick earpieces. Croakies makes a XL version, which I also purchased, but they have not arrived yet. I bought them both, hoping at least one would fit, because I need it soon. These fit. They're made in the USA. And they're pretty much what I expected. Will they stay attached? I don't know. Perhaps I'll update this review later.


Worked well for me for cycling glasses

I already had a pair of "Croakie" retainers, but they were too loose on my pair of bicycling glasses. With this brand I connected them to the glasses (retainer fit seems fine), and then used the rope to adjust the fit (tension seems fine)


It does the job fools

The best croakies I've ever had. It is perfect for me and well made. Never had a problem with my sunglasses falling out or anything like that.


Chum Masters

I purchased a brand new set of Ray-Ban Clubmasters and I wanted to keep them around for a while. So Croakies was my first consideration. I found a pair and one reviewer mentioned that the fabric wrapping was noticeable on his ears. I did not try them because of this fact so I purchased the Chums and I am glad I did. My first worry was "Would the rubber portion actually slip on the end of my frames?" Yes! it took a little finagling but it does go on without problem. The slip knot rubber piece slides nicely and does not feel like it will move on its own. I now do not feel like I will lose my glasses and plan on Golfing with them soon. I hope the weather is just as accommodating.


A good medium between a full sized croakie and the wire ...

A good medium between a full sized croakie and the wire type retainers. I find it gets hung up on the back of my shirt or I lean back on it, but not a major issue. I like the look...not as obnoxious as some croakies and subtle while providing good retention.