Reviews for Eagsouni Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes Casual Slippers Quick Drying Sandals Summer Anti-Slip Beach Shoes for Men and Women

People say Eagsouni is really similar to Crocs.


I love these

I make sure I wearing with little no show socks because if you don’t you are making little fart sounds as you walk, lol. They are cute. I get lots of compliments. I have in 2 colors . Plan to grab more. They are as good as if not better fit and weight than crocs.


Great shoe for outdoors and garden

The first time I ordered 3 pair. when I order Croc s I order size 8. These offered side 8 1/2 so I ordered three pair because, believe it or not, i wear with socks on colder days. so i thought the larger size would work out. But when i received them, the shoes were TOO SMALL! So I sent two pair back and ordered the 9 1/2. When they arrived they were great. Toes were wider and shoe was easier to slip in to without falling off my feet. I show a photo of the smaller shoe (blue) while the larger show(pink) is wider and just right. My suggestion to those with wider feet, order the larger size. you'll be happier.....


Feminine look .comfort.light.true to size

Small air holes.comfortable .lightweight.more femenine than Crocs .just as comfy .had visibly slightly shorter left one when held them bottoms together .both say size 39 which is 8 .hurt my toe so I cut nail shorter n now is fine and did stretch out more after a day of wearing became more comfortable now love them will order more and daughter and granddaughter also want some.feel it was just a defect in this peticular one being slightly smaller.but trust to order more.


Light weight , sizing off a tad, still great shoe

Light weight, cute, very similar in feel to a Croc Freestyle Clog, but lighter. This was a 6, shown here as a 37, but this is full size smaller than my Eva Arizona Birkenstocks that are a size 36. I tried to show this in the last picture. I will probably order again in different colors.


So Cute!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with these shoes, as far as the construction, but fell in love with the design and had to try them. They are actually comfortable. They remind me of Crocs, if Crocs had covered toe water shoes. I wound up wearing them out to run a couple of errands, because I forgot I had them on. They’re okay for a trip to the grocery store but probably not much more than that.


I love these!

These shoes are perfect. Very comfortable and light. I liked the first pair so much I bought another pair in different colors. Think of them as a Croc but not as 'clunky', which is exactly what I wanted!


Super comfortable!

Love these shoes! They are super comfortable, and exactly what I needed for gardening. I keep ‘em by my back door, and although I have a different pair of gardening shoes (similar to crocs, bought ‘em at Walmart), these shoes are my go. Wish I could justify buying another pair! (Wink, wink).


Most comfortable and easy to get on shoe.

I bought this for a friend of mine since I have another pair that I just love and wear for most occasions. I live in South Texas so I am able to wear them year round. I had a pair of crocs and they were too heavy and caused me to trip.


Cute and comfy!

Great deal. As good as any Croc I ever owned. Airholes for vents on top, cute butterflies or other options, and best of all, waterproof for walking the dog or working in your dirty garden! I'd definitely buy again and have already shared info with people who compliment them.


Really cute shoes!

I really like these shoes, they are really cute. As far as comfort, I'm used to wearing crocs all the time & they aren't quite as comfortable but very close. They soles are quite thin so walking on gravel is a little uncomfortable. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend these & I plan to buy more pairs in different colors. They are great for around the house or trips to the store! Did I say they were really cute? ;) Added comment: I wear these when I go out which is basically groceries or doctor visits but I always get complements on my shoes! I will purchase more pairs


Great shoes!!!!

Over all great shoes!! Feel like your wearing crocs but they look like regular shoes. I got my normal size 6 and they fit good with a little room incase I want to put socks on. They are flexible and great for most casual occasions. I bought these for my 3rd trimester of pregnancy because bending and tieing shoes was getting too hard but flip flops made my feet too cold in the winter. I recommend these to everyone they are easy to slide on, comfortable and a great price!!