Reviews for CASMAG Men's Casual Cloth Shoes Canvas Slip on Loafers Leisure Vintage Flat Boat Shoes

People say Casmag is really similar to Crocs.


Decent shoes

I looked at buying Crocs again but their price has increased X2. Not worth the price as Crocs probably cost $5/pair to produce at most. Ordered these and they're a good fit. I wear 11.5 and at 12M they're good.


Love them...

I have 3 pair of these now and love them. Sizing is true, comfort is excellent, and the price is right. (Compared to the more expensive Crocs version, way better).



I was looking to replace some Crocs which were worn out and they seemed too pricey now. I put some Odor Eaters insoles in these and I feel they're as comfortable; I still saved a few bucks over the Crocs.


First time buying this type Croc

He loves them out of the package. We will see how they hold up to the label name!



So comfortable. Exactly what I wanted. Better than the Crocs.


Feel Like A Certified Beach Bum

I have several slip-ons like these from Crocs brand. I like these better, they are lighter and actually a little more comfortable for me. They are also cheaper. I can almost get two pair of these for what one pair of Crocs slip-ons cost. These also sit lower on your foot if that makes any sense. Great shoe none the less. I think I may have found a new favorite with these. If you don't like tying your shoes and you want to be comfortable then these are the shoes for you.


Comfortable but really lightweight

Fit well and are comfortable, however they are not as heavy a canvas as Croc’s so expect them not to last as long under everyday wear. I will keep them for the house and lounging and order Crocs for longevity.