Reviews for Joybees Modern Clog - Women's and Men's Comfortable Supportive Slip-on Shoe with Adjustable Strap

People say Joybees is really similar to Crocs.


Cute shoes

Very cute. Less chunky looking than crocs. Easy to clean. Love the optional backstrap. I recommend


Great Crocs alternative

I was looking for something cheaper than Crocs and these fit the bill.


If you size is 9.5 W order 8.0 W.

They refund and when it is the wrong size. I was comfortable and it let my feet cool. Way better than overrated CROC 🐊.



Very similar to a croc.


Love the adjustable strap

I have a small foot (size 5-5.5) and it is hard to find shoes that fit. It has been especially difficult to find Crocs that fit me as it seems they are discontinuing my size and the kid sizes I have ordered have all been super wide and would not stay on my foot. So while searching for a similar shoe I found these. I love the adjustable strap on the back. Overall they still have the roomy fit of a croc but perhaps fit closer to the top of my foot. I did get a blister walking a mile in them but hoping they will adjust to my feet. I also don’t feel that the footbeds especially the heel area have as much cushion as crocs. The leopard print is cute. Hopefully they won’t rub more blisters.


Good enough

Bought for work. They’re not as comfortable as Crocs, but they’ll do. The top is a bit stiff, the Velcro on heel for adjustments catches on clothing. They’re super cute and easy enough to slip on and off. If I could have found crocs in leopard print, I would have preferred them.