Reviews for Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes Slippers Sandals AM1702

People say Amoji is really similar to Crocs.


Go anywhere shoes!

Wow! Screw Crocs. These shoes are comfy and I’ll go anywhere in them. Well, I wouldn’t wear them to a wedding, office Christmas party, funeral, church, Cinderella ball, prom, Alaska, 5K run, interview, you know....places you need to dress up. Hell. My husband would. He wears stained, ripped T-shirt’s to banquets and when he’s delivering a speech. Won’t even go there about his choice of shoes. Geesh. He has these ugly-@$$ slip-ons that are camo colored and they are falling apart and all dirty— yeah. He wears them when we go out to eat. So yeah. I like the shoes, gonna buy more when my check comes in.


If you are not a big fan of sandals, you may just love these!

I don't much care to have my toes hanging out of sandals or flip-flops all summer long. And I never could see myself in Crocs 'cause I live too far from Holland. BUT THESE ARE PERFECT. I can wear them to my office on casual days, step into them when I am soaking wet right out of the pool or coming out of the shower, walk on the beach and then hose the sand right off, etc, etc.They stay cool and look great with or without ankle socks. They also look great with shorts or long pants. These are my new go to summer shoes and I have a couple pairs in different colors! Absolutely love 'em!



I bought 2 pairs for my boys because they needed a pair of good outdoor shoe. Something easy to slip on and off when running outside real quick, yard work or helping their dad with the pool. Something that can get dirty yet easy to wash. But did not expect this crock to so comfortable that I would end up wearing is so often. I love it so much I bought more pairs for my husband, my oldest son and myself. Going to buy this again for a friend so she can garden in her yard. Love love love this shoe. More comfortable than any other crocs or crocs brand I have ever worn. Durable and lasts long 2. Plus side is this shoe looks cute, not bulky looking like most crocs with the toe part being hugely lifted looking or too tight and small in the toe areas. Definitely our go to house and outdoor slipper/shoe. My gas station run shoes and now our beach shoes too. Again love it.


Fits a tad large, but makes them easy to slip on

I got these to use when I'm outside cleaning and vacuuming the pool, washing the car and so on and I think they'll be perfect for that. The sole does appear to get good grip even in wet conditions on my pool deck. They're very lightweight - don't feel quite as substantial as Crocs for instance. But I'm not wearing them for hours each day either so they don't need to be indestructible. Plus, at less than half the price of Crocs, I'll take that chance. They do run a tic large, maybe by a half size. I wear an 8.5 or 9 in mens and got the size 9 - I'd want a normal pair of shoes to be a little tighter but given that I'd like these to be easy to slip on, I think the larger fit works for this kind of shoe. Based on the looks, the fit, the no-slip sole, and the price, I gave them 5 stars.


Very comfortable fit, great for indoor and outdoor use

I was looking for summer slippers that wouldn't make my feet sweat or start stinking when they do. I have been very satisfied with these clogs for several reasons: - They are "warm enough" while being very airy to allow airflow to keep my feet from sweating - They actually fit very well once I found the right size. They are not at all loose and "cloggy" like my prior experience with the Crocsbrand. - Several colors to choose from (I personally got the gray and like how universal it is) - Stays on my foot without the ugly back band or bulky toe box of a Crocs clog - Extremely inexpensive compared to other well-known clogs brands - Are not fabric, so do not retain sents (read: no stinky sock smell) - Versatile for indoor and outdoor wear The only downside - they can have a somewhat noisy squeak as you'd expect from this type of material if any moisture gets between the clog and your barefoot


These are lifesavers.

Y'all want a size comparison to crocs? Read on. Crocs: I buy my regular size and they just barely fit, almost too small but the next size up is too big. These: I buy one size up and they fit perfectly with or without socks. I have had two surgeries on my right foot and one on my left foot in the past 8 months. I keep a pair of these under my desk in my office so I can switch shoes when my work shoes become uncomfortable. I have another pair at home that helps provide traction and cushion against a house full of hard wood floors. Comfortable. Price is right. 5/5, would definitely recommend 👍


Comfortable and Cute

I bought these to compare to my Crocs, which I wear in my art studio daily. I absolutely adore these clogs. They are not as "boxy" in appearance as Crocs, and the many small perforations on the top of the shoes keep my feet cool. Easy to clean and good support for the foot arch. The price is also a big plus. My only wish would be for there to be a removable strap, as I sometimes have difficulty keeping slide-type shoes on when walking because I have a narrow heel. Regardless, I am going to be buying more of these in other colors. Highly recommended!


Definitely Recommend

These shoes are great for everyday casual use! Originally I was shopping for Crocs, but the ones I wanted were too expensive and weren’t in my size. The Amoji product suggestion appeared, so I clicked and did my research. I was pleasantly surprised at all the good ratings the product received. The bad part was that there were so many styles/options to choose from. After making my decision base on the way I would be using them, (mainly yard work and gardening), I went with this particular pair. They’re very comfortable and easy to wear anywhere! I really like the fact that they slip on easy and can get dirty...then clean up with a quick hose-down. Best part is that they’re sturdy and cost MUCH less than Crocs. Definitely recommend.


Lightweight & comfy

I love these garden clogs! I have 5 pairs in various colors. They are so lightweight ; I prefer them over Crocs and Clark's. I work in a hospital & am on my feet much of the day. These have a narrow width (my feet are rather narrow & they fit like a glove.) I add a good quality insert for additional comfort. Can't beat the price when they are on sale. :)


Pretty good, too loose overall, 7.35oz

I wear a men's size 10 about 80% of the time, sometimes 9.5. Normal width I would say. The size 10 Mens in these fit just right in the length but they are very loose in general even with socks (they literally fly off my feet when walking). I think the mesh part on top is simply too tall and wide. I saw people mention sun shrinks these just like Crocs, so maybe that's an option. Otherwise I have to walk with my toes somewhat "gripping" the bottom to keep them from sliding off. For the price, don't set the bar too high. I'm only using these as "camp shoes" while backpacking, so I won't be doing any major walking. They weigh 7.35oz/pair compared to my 11.5oz Crocs, so that's a nice savings when you're trying to minimize weight.