Reviews for Crocs Women's Neria Pro Ii Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes

People say Crocs is really similar to Dansko.



Just wore these yesterday on a 12 hour shift at the hospital. I am so pleasantly surprised. I’ve been wearing Danskos for years, after trying multiple shoes to ease my knee pain. My knee pain has gradually been worsening over the last year and it was time to either buy a new pair of Danskos or find something that would work. I bought these Crocs on a whim due to the price and cute design. I really ain’t expecting them to ease my leg/knee pain at all. But they were so wonderful. I can’t remember the last time after a 12 hour shift that my legs and knees didn’t hurt. They are so lightweight and comfortable. Definitely had a lot of under foot cushion. With my Danskos everyone knew I was coming down the hall, these are like walking on a cloud. My feet did not get sweaty, however it is winter time. Absolutely Love Love Love.


Similar to Dansko, Recommended for Clinical Settings

My favorite thing of these shoes is that is prioritizes safety - with the extra no-slip tread on the bottom, a molded fit with a supportive, stable feeling. I initially thought that I might slip out of them sometime, but after wearing them for a few months, I've concluded that with the right fit, my feet go nowhere. No risk for slipping out. They're also professional. The ability to wash with soap and water allows it to always look clean. I think having the material made of rubber is key to this and one of the reasons I prefer it to the Dansko's. Plus, the added height is amazing when you're a short person. Instantly makes you more confident/professional. Comfortable, too! I've gotten lots of compliments for these shoes. Recommend.


Love for wearing in lab, GREAT value

I compared these to the Vangelo square toe clogs. I chose the Crocs Neria because I liked that they are slightly narrower and snug over the top of your foot, whereas the Vangelo seem meant for wide flat feet (gap around ankle so stuff could splash in) and had no arch support. These have a great arch lift, stay on your foot but your heel is free and floats out like with Danskos, and the slight heel/platform has a good slight roll and cushion. I have square feet with toes all the same length and the Neria are wide enough for me to spread out all toes when stepping. They're waterproof and don't slip, perfect for wearing in the lab with spills and paraffin on the floor. Somehow, amazingly not sweaty to wear either. So much cheaper than other clogs, but fit and wear much better than those brands IMO. Sizing is a bit iffy -- I am a 7.5 and went with a 7 (it's snug) because I wear without socks. 8 was way too big for me.



These are def one of my favorite pair of work shoes. It’s supper comfy and I get lots of compliments. It’s kind of a clog but not as uncomfortable as some clogs can be. I am a size 9 and I got a size 9 and if I don’t wear thick socks sometimes it slips of my feel a little but I think that is normal for clog type shoes. My mom a nurse wears dansko and has similar issues but it could also be because of our foot arch. Either way I love these shoes would definitely buy another!!


Mismatched sizes resolves into perfection

Many reviewers say it feels like one of the shows are tighter than the other like different sizes. Sure enough I felt same but was desperate for relief for my feet so touched it out a few days and they just have stretched out perfectly because it went away and the slightly snugger one loosened up. Now they are PERFECT!! I started with dansko clogs but feet killed me after three hours. I’m still good after 9 hour shift on my feet entire time with these. They only get softer with time.


Absolutely worth it

Wow !! I have been a nurse for 7.5 years . Have tried all sorts of work shoes to help with tired feet after those long 12hr shifts. I’ve purchased sooooo many popular brands like Dansko, plenty of sneakers (nike, Addidas ect) believe me , NONE CAN COMPARE! ESP THE PRICE POINT ! I’m going to get another pair just for good measure .


Madea believer out of my daughter

Purchased for my daughter. Willing to try anything. She originally had Dansko nursing shoes. She saw they were crocs and immediately turned up her nose. Then she wore them. She said it was the most comfortable she she had worn! Hallelujah, praise God!!! No more expensive Dansko shoes to be ever purchased again❤❤❤❤


Squishy, comfortable for long nurses shifts!

Would give 10 stars if I could. So squishy and comfortable. I switched from my Danskos to these and the difference is incredible. You don't hardly notice the heel at all. I wear a 10 in other Crocs and that held true for these as well. Will probably buy another pair for my nurse hubby too. ❤️❤️


Super comfortable!

These clogs are incredibly comfortable! I returned my Dansko clogs and kept these ones. There's a huge price difference. I love how they can be wiped clean. I ordered a size 8 (which is the size I normally wear), but they are a bit snug. I'm hoping they will stretch out some as I break them in. They aren't too snug to where I can't wear them. I will definitely be buying more of these in the future!


Great shoe for long shifts! Read my review!!

Ok so... This is a great shoe for a 12 hour shift on your feet! I work in a hospital and wanted something easy and comfy that wouldn't hurt my feet after so many hours. This shoe is perfect. BUT! It's only perfect bc I took the advice of another lady who also wears these in a hospital, she left a review saying they came in small and tight. That's true! But they're RUBBER and stretch! So stick them in the dryer for like 5 mins and put a pair of thick socks on and wear them around the house! They'll stretch easily in a few minutes and be just the right size. Order true to your size. I'm a 7, ordered a 7, they were right, I stretched them, now I wear them every shift I work and they're the most comfortable shoe for what I do. Waterproof and slip resistant too! Oh and in case you're like me and wonder, they do NOT squeek on the floor. But they do squeek from the insole rubbing the inside of the shoe, so I put a dryer sheet between the insole and shoe in both of mine and they don't make a peep. Also light as a feather! Unlike those dansko clogs that wear you down on a long shift.