Reviews for Levi's Men's 527 Slim Bootcut Fit Jeans

People say Levis is really similar to Diesel.


Good Style For an In-Shape Guy in his Late 40s

These are good looking, well-fitting jeans for a fairly in-shape man in his late 40s (size 36/32 for a guy who's 6'1" and about 185lbs). I think I'd look silly in super-slim jeans (or super slim anything), and I don't think Diesel or AllSaints are really meant for guys my age. I've been wearing Levis since I was about three years old - I'm hoping to wear them into my nineties...or longer.


Five star! Really good jeans

I think this is a really good pair of jeans. Fits me as it is made by my private tailor. The waist sits not too much below my waist so it makes me feel really comfortable. The cut at thighs is smooth, not tight but gives a elegant line down to my knees. The leg opening is just that much I want: big enough to cover my boots but not too big to look exaggerate. The whole pants make your legs look long, better than what shown on the photo on the website. I bought this item and a 7 for all mankind jean together. I have to say that this Levi's is so coooool that I feel disappointed with that 7 for all mankind jean. I wore this 527 all the afternoon since I did not want to take the jean off after I put it on. I'll leave that 7 in hot water see if it is going to shrink a little bit to fit me. If you have 100 bucks and you are looking for some jeans, choose this 527 and save the rest of the money to buy something else! Still, I have some suggestions: this pants gonna compete with other fashion jeans like 7 and diesel if Levi's could use better fabric and apply more precise stonewash and rinsing. The cut is perfect, feels comfortable, durable and the size is accurate. These make the 527 jeans worth buying.


Levi's 527 have given me reason to switch brands

With Levi's slim boot cut 527 jeans, I don't need to buy Diesel and True Religion jeans anymore. These fit the same or better than my super expensive jeans for a fraction of the cost.


Almost perfect

There are a few things I don't like about the Levi 527 mexican made jeans. There's inconsistency in the product. Some have shorter pockets than other. In spite of this, I still buy them. The best looking jeans for a man, I think, that doesn't want to buy Diesel.


Great jeans, all the negative reviews are made by ...

Great jeans, all the negative reviews are made by overweight people. These are 527 slim fit if your not slim they will be tight. I had my tailor measure my waist and inseam, I like a low rise jean. These jeans are exact fit. If these are too small try the 527 boot cut not the 527 slim. The jeans will shrink if washed in the washing machine and then dried the conventional way. Jeans should be worn when first bought, until they start to smell... Then soaked in the bathtub with 1/2 cup of vinegar for 15 min then hung to air dry. These jeans are great for the price and fit. The weight of the fabric is a basic 8oz material. I normally wear diesels which are way too expensive to work in. These are a great alternative and are stylish too.