Reviews for Je Glow! Nail Brightener

People say Le Mini Macaron is really similar to Dior.


Just buy it

Im a recovering nail bitter so when the nails are too short, it's hard and annoying to use any colored nail polish. Not this! Because it's so natural looking it makes your nails looks brighter, groomed and healthier. In my case it helped me stop bitting my nails because the nails looks so pretty, plus I wouldn't want nail polish in my mouth. I wash my hands often and any colored nail polish easily shows any chipping. I know that I'll be reaching for this every week because it's so good for low maintenance (at least in the nail department) gals like me but it still makes me look like I tried and got a manicure. Two coats and done! Btw, I've read this a dupe for the Dior Nail Glow.


I love it!

I recently switched to cruelty free products and I was in the hunt for a replacement for my Dior nail glow and I'm so glad that I gave this a try! This product is amazing! Super easy to apply, it gives my nails a beautiful glow and whitens my nail tips. It is made in France and actually better than the Dior one.