Reviews for Seda France Pagoda Candle - Japanase Quince 10.2 oz

People say Seda France is really similar to Diptyque.


lovely candle

It does remind me of Diptyque Baies, though not exact. Gives off very similar vibe. I have them both and smelled them side by side and was happy with what I got. A little more on the citrus side. Considering the price I will purchase again. It arrived in pretty packaging and would make a nice gift. I love that the glass votive has no writing on it and a white toile de jouy print on it that’s very pretty and subtle.


What every home should smell like 24/7

Love Love Love. It really does smell so much like Diptyque Baies. It’s $40 cheaper and 10 oz compared to Diptyque’s 6.5 oz candle. Highly recommend. Almost didn’t post a review or rate because I don’t want everyone to find this little gem and make them hard to get! Consider yourself lucky and purchase.


Amazing Gift

Hands down the best smelling candle for the price point, much preffered over Diptyque



Legit buy.


Smells just like Diptyque Baies for a fraction of the cost

Smells just like Diptyque Baies for a fraction of the cost. It's actually more fragrant and lasts longer!!!


Best smell ever.

Love!!! This smells like Diptyque Baies, which I can't always afford so this makes an excellent substitute. Love this scent and will use it as long as they make it.