Reviews for DisposoWare 3 oz. Disposable Plastic Cups [100 Pack]

People say Painistic is really similar to Dixie.


Nice alternative to the Dixie paper cups.

I saw a pic where someone showed they'd received a dirty and contaminated package. My package was clean, fully intact and you could tell it was factory new. The cups are great. The one thing I don't like about Dixie cups its that they're so delicate and once they're wet, they tend to collapse on itself after a little while. These take a licking and keep on ticking and they're nice looking a well. I have a lot of clear glass in my bathroom so these match. Highly recommend.


Thumbs up - small & sturdy

We use these in the bathroom. They’re great! They fit in our cup holder. They’re study. I’m guaranteed my mouthwash won’t seep through the cup like it has with other Dixie paper cups. We will by again.


They hold water

They're plastic cups. What else can be said? Just don't expect them to fit in that plastic Dixie Cup holder with the spring loaded base. They don't. .


Great value.

I love these cups. They're much better than Dixie.


Tight Fit in Dispenser

I love the cups. They're very sturdy and I like the fact that they're clear. One TINY problem -- if the rolled-over part of the rim were not as big, they would fit in the dispenser more easily. That is a very minor problem. I'm thrilled to have 3 ounce cups available. I used to use Dixie, then went to Solo because I prefer plastic (recyclable) over paper (disposable). Solo's 3 ounce cups seem to be a thing of the past. I've searched all over the internet and in grocery stores and could not find them. I was overjoyed to find these cups on Amazon.