Reviews for Ruko F11 Foldable GPS Drones with 4K Camera for Adults, Quadcopter with 30Mins Flight Time, Brushless Motor, 5G FPV Transmission, Follow Me, Auto Return Home, Long Control Range Drone for Beginners

People say Ruko is really similar to Dji.


Easy to learn easy to operate!

I was going to return this one before I even tried it. I bought a mavic mini. Didn't work. After two hours of talking with the tech it was determined it was faulty. Got this one the following day and absolutely love it. Returned the DJI, going to keep this one. Great drone!!


Fun and easy drone would recommend 💯

First time flying and it was really fun fun and I don't know what other people complaining about is really good it's not going be like DJi the video but it's good camera not bad. Very easy control and easy to fly.


Great Bargain Drone!!

This is my wife’s drone. It costs a fraction of the price of our other drones, and I’m impressed! Here’s how they compare: We’ve flown it quite a few times now, and it’s a solid, stable drone with some cool features. (Follow me, tracking, return to home, maps, and much more...) It lacks some of the features in the app in the higher-end aircraft, (voice commands, etc) and the camera isn’t as good as my new drones, but you’ll still get excellent shots and videos! And at this price, it’s great for beginners who want to learn, as well as enthusiasts who want a nice bargain that performs like a MUCH more expensive drone. The 30 minutes of flight time per battery is GREAT, and is right up there with the DJI drones we have. Easy to connect to your phone and fly with the app paired with controller. The range is not quite as long as expensive drones, either. However, we flew yesterday over a large river with very high winds, and my other drone struggled and made me nervous, she flew the f11 right across the river to explore an island! It might have more range than advertised, but that might depend on your location. You definitely have more range in open areas. I’m impressed! Be sure to calibrate your compass and gps each time. It sounds like a pain, but it’s really easy once you do it a couple of times, and frankly, I feel safer flying if I know my drone is calibrated and communicating right. This one performs and stays connected very well. (I believe that most bad stories you rea... Read More


Everything you want in an affordable GPS drone. Great features & quality, excellent value!

The Short Story: This is a great drone, at a great price point. It has all the features you would expect. It's foldable, compact, and sturdy with a high build quality. GPS features such as return to home and follow-me work well. It's easy to fly, responsive to controls, stable hovering, batteries last up to 30 mins each (possibly more), and it handles wind reasonably well. It has a decent camera which you can pivot from 0-90 degrees via remote which is great. You can find package deals on Amazon that include an extra battery and spare propellers. It might not be a top-of-the-line DJI Air, but for less than $300 I'd argue you are getting more bang for your buck with the F11 if you are just a casual hobbyist drone pilot. ------------------------------------- Warning - Long read below: This is my fourth drone overall. The first three were all the same model - HS110D by Holy Stone. That was a fantastic entry-level toy drone for less than $80, but after a few months of learning how to fly I was ready to step up to a more intermediate level model. What I was looking for in a new drone: more stability and wind resistance, GPS and related features, longer battery life, and an upgraded camera. So pretty much all the stuff you don't get with a $65 toy drone like the HS110D. After a month or so of comparison shopping on Amazon and YouTube I eventually pulled the trigger on the Ruko F11 Pro. It checked all of the boxes. I wanted to stay at or around $200 but all of the competing mo... Read More


Amazing drone with amazing flight time!

This is my first real camera drone with fpv and gps lock, and al the bells and whistles. I was very impressed with the ease of use in terms of setting it up, take off, and flight. there's almost no reason to not take this along with you anywhere you go! You never know when you might find a cool spot to explore and get some interesting shots. Setting up only requires unfolding the drone, placing it on a level surface and turning it on to connect to the app and controller. After compass calibration and gps lock, you are good to go! Takeoff is actually very smooth compared to other drones (so I have heard). Other types of quad-copters seem to have issues sometimes where they flip over during takeoff due to lack of throttling. The f11 always gives an extra burst during takeoff to make sure this doesn't happen... regardless of using the stick or auto land/takeoff Flight is pretty surreal, especially for someone's first time seeing their area at birds eye view. The f11 practically flies itself! There really isn't much of a learning curve aside from figuring out the limits of the drone in certain situations. For example: the booklet warns to not use gps mode indoors, which of course I did not do, but I figured out what happens if you do after troubleshooting a small issue I had flying very close to large objects outdoors (within 10 feet). When you are very close to and surrounded by large trees or buildings or in a building, the gps accuracy is greatly decreased. This causes the ... Read More


This is NOT a good Drone for the Price point

Happy to say that the original drone was replaced and this one works perfect. I wanted to have something other than the DJI brand to learn to fly larger drones. this one is perfect.


A solid starter drone or a great drone to let friends fly

I purchased this unit so others would be as ble to fly a drone as I fly either my Autel or DJI drones. The $200 price point with 25 plus minutes of flight time caught my eye. Ruku handled the issue I had and supplied great customer service. The unit takes over 5 hours to charge however it is fun to fly. This is a great starter drone with a ok camera. Do not expect professional imagez... however it is great for social media shot.


Worth every penny!

U would b crazy not 2 by this DRONE! Trust me i have a DJI P4. This DRONE stack's up 2 that DRONE. If u want a great drone 4 a cheap price. By this DRONE! Am not only telling my friends how great this DRONE is. But letting a few fly my drone. N if u knew me. That's a no no from me. So if u want a great drone! Don't by this 1. If u want the greatest DRONE 2me. B4 u 4get. By this RUKO drone. Am going 2 by another 1. But am going 2 go with the up grade 4 only $30 more. The PRO 11. COWBOYEDD. PS. The PIC'S I've included r from this DRONE. Checkout the great PIC'S it takes also. U can by what u want. But this DRONE is the drone of DRONES.


Love This Little Drone.

I started flying 5 years ago. I have two large drones. One is the DJI Inspire1, the other is the QR X35 Pro. I love both drones. Neither of which I can fit into a back pack, for easy transport. I purchased the Ruko F11 a month ago. After familiarizing myself with the instructions, I put it in the air. I "love" this drone. I keep it in my car. As I travel I pull it out and record images wherever I go. Easy to set up, east to fly. For the can't go wrong. Perfect for beginners... Andre' aka: "Shooter"


Best Value for Beginner Drone - 25 Minute Battery - 1080p Camera

I have flown drones for years and have owned more than 40 from toys to a DJI Inspiire. I purchased the F11 GPS drone because of the perceived value for a foldable 1080p GPS drone with a case and multiple batteries with a advertised flight time of 30 minutes. All all the drones in this category, so far the Roku F11 is setting a new standard for functionality, features, and flight time at this price point. First you have to know that it's not a DJI drone and should not be compared to any of them. First the DJI are the industry best but you paying for it. I received the F11 today and the packaging is more than adequate. Nothing special but it protects the F11 during shipment. It does come with a very basic case which holds the remote controller, F11 drone, spare blades, and two spare batteries. It has documentation which is better than the average Chinese drone user guides. It was a really good quick start guide though. Overall, the F11 is light and feels well built for the price point. With the battery removed it's very light. The arms snap in and out while locking in place. It feels good. Now for the my initial flights: The startup steps of pairing the F11 drone to the remote and calibrating the compass is pretty simple. However, it appears that it must be done before every series of flights. I'm hoping this is not correct as it will be a slight pain. The remote controller is about the same size of all others and it built pretty well with the basic controls. The tests wer... Read More