Reviews for Premium Organic Baby Nest by LaLaMe | Water-Resistant Baby Lounger Pillow | Co-Sleeping Newborn Bassinet Crib for Boys and Girls Infants, Great for Baby Shower

People say Lalame is really similar to Dockatot.


Highly recommend

I highly recommend this product. My baby outgrew the snuggle me organic and was looking for a larger one. Decided to give this one a try and my baby loves it. Sleeps longer on the lounger versus sleeping on his regular mattress. It has a cushion on the bottom for more padding & has the ability to unsnap the bottom allowing more space for the baby as they grow. I think this is much better than the dockatot for the price and comfort.


Great Value Priced Lounger

Our baby dislikes the bassinet, but she loves this lounger. Excellent quality & 40% cheaper than the DockATot. No need to spend a lot to get a great baby lounger! We cover it with a muslin blanket & havn't needed to wash it yet so can't comment on ease of cleaning.


This has been a lifesaver!

This is a lifesaver! My now 4 month old has been sleeping in it for a month now and she loves it. She would only sleep with her head raised in rocker which led to her having a flat head being in that position not moving her head around. We then bought a dockatot and found that she would sleep in that, but would wake up frequently. Since we have tried this sleeper she sleeps longer and has more room to move around. In comparison to the dockatot we like this sleeper better because it is organic, easy to clean, she can stay in it longer because it is larger in size and it is more cushioned on the sides. A bigger plus is that since she has been sleeping in it her chiropractor said her flat head has improved! (Despite the fact that she is still sleeping on the back). The case it comes in makes it easy to travel with.