Reviews for Haggar Men's Premium No-Iron Classic-fit Expandable-Waist Pleat-Front Pant

People say Haggar is really similar to Dockers.


I wish I could give more stars

I used to wear the D4 no iron dockers with the 2% spandex or whatever blend that put a little stretch into the pants. Of course they discontinued those and I searched high and low for a replacement. These are the only thing close. Has the waistband that allows a little stretch but isn’t rediculous/clownish feeling. Stays tight. The material still has that tiny bit of stretch and feels durable, like the pants will last longer than the different Dockers styles I tried. The only thing I wish I could change is the color. I really like that Timberwolf khaki color and, while these are close, they’re still a touch light. In essence: I’m done with dockers entirely and moving to these haggars. I’ll update later if these give me any problems after multiple washes.


finally a great pair of work paints!!!!

absolutely great! puts dockers that i purchased a week ago to shame!!!!


They ARE actually "wrinkle-free" in washing!!

I have struggled finding no-iron pants for my husband, who has worn Docker's and Land's End for years. These are actually as they say...wrinkle-free! they wash well and fit nicely. They have a little stretch, making them more comfortable. I can't praise them highly enough! I have washed them twice and am hoping they meet expectations for wear.


Utter Perfection!

BUY THESE!!! I got them because they were on a flash sale and I’ve never been more impressed with pants. Who gets excited about pants??? But I DID! The material is soft and comfortable which makes wearing them simply amazing. The waist band is PURE GENIUS!! It’s invisible, the amount of flex looks to be about 2”, and even when I put down a few extra pounds of dinner I never feel like it’s constricted and it doesn’t dig into my waist. I’ve been a Dockers guy forever but I’m a lifetime dedicated Haggar guy because of these pants.


You get quality here. Fair price. Good purchase. Will buy more of these

Suprisigly comfortable. I'm bigger in the waist. Built tougher than any dress pants I've worn. Was expecting the unnatural, typical 'Docker' feeling, but felt better than my jeans! Similar price as Dockers and right here on Amazon. Couldn't lose with the no cost returns. Buy a pair and see for yourself and be look sharp lookin' too!


Good buy

they have gotten me away Dockers


Replaces my dockers premium very well

Replaces my dockers premium very well and good variety of colors


A good pair of pants

Husband wore Dockers for years. But last year decided to try these hard cheaper Haghat pants. It was a very good choice.


Dockers Relaxed Fit alternative

I got these to compare to the Dockers Relaxed Fit line, of which I have some pairs. So far, they are comfortable and look nice. Will see how they hold up after being washed a number of times.


Goodbye Dockers...

I thought my Dockers were great until I tried these. Needed a pair to replace mine that got a rip in the back. A d M very gladI decided to give these at try. The fit, the finish, the material... They're definitely a couple of steps above my old Dockers. About to replace all of my office work pants with them. I highly recommend them...