Reviews for Plant Therapy Respir Aid Essential Oil Blend 10 mL (1/3 oz) Sinus, Airway and Congestion Clearing Synergy Blend 100% Pure, Undiluted, Natural Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Grade

People say Plant Therapy is really similar to Doterra.


Totally works for asthma and cough.

I purchased doTerra's BREATHE a few months ago. It only lasted about a month because it just seemed to leak out. The dropper wasn't working well. I was very unhappy that it didn't seem to work along with the fact that it seemed to pour out. $25 gone in about a month. I wanted to try something different and purchased Plant Therapy's Respir-Aid. Couldn't be more happier. I got 2 of these and haven't had to use much, but I can definitely see that this actually works better than doTerra. My son had an asthmatic cough, which is why I went through doTerra, but I didn't see a difference. When I used this, only a couple inhales of it, and his cough would disappear. It's actually gone now. I also had a few times when my chest got tight (I have allergy induced asthma) and I put a few drops on on my hand and breathed it in and it opened me right up. Didn't even have to reach for my inhaler. I'll definitely be ordering more from Plant Therapy.



ran out of my doTerra "breathe" and wanted a quick replacement for a trip. this stuff is awesome! opens up a stuffy nose almost instantly. i also rub on my kids' feet and chest (diluted with coconut oil) and it really helps their cough so they can get good sleep at night. i wont ever be without this one and its more affordable than the popular brands.


This oil is fantastic. I use to use Doterra Breathe - which ...

This oil is fantastic. I use to use Doterra Breathe - which I loved but hated the price. I'm so glad I found this product. Smells and works just as well and at a fraction of the price. Love it!


Great oil

This is a great blend! I was looking for an alternative to DoTerra Breathe and this one is it. It really helps to clear your sinuses and a little goes a long way. LOVE the smell. Great value.


Great oil!

Works as well as Breathe from doterra. Good stuff.


Great stuff !

This stuff is amazing ! It worked better then Doterra ! Thank you


Great alternative to more expensive oils. Works great!

Love this oil. I typically use Doterra, however, this one is cheaper and has worked well for daily use.


sleeping better

I have been using this every night in a diffuser for almost 3 weeks and I am sleeping much better. I put in 4 drops and let it run all night and I breathe so much better. Some nights I add ylang ylang and I am knocked out. I've used Doterra Breathe and this is just as good and costs a lot less.


... purchased this to replace the Doterra Breathe (which I love and used with my daughter for sore throat and ...

I have purchased this to replace the Doterra Breathe (which I love and used with my daughter for sore throat and cold). She rubbed it in her chest, patted it on her cheekbones (sinus cavities) and diffused while resting and sleeping. Without using anything else, her cold and sore throat that was coming on was cleared up by day 2! So, I have replaced the Breathe with this in hopes of the same results should we need its use!


Comparable to Doterra's "Breath"

I bought this as a more affordable version of something to help with congestion. It's not quite as good as Doterra Breathe, but good enough considering the price. I just put a few drops in my humidifier to help with seasonal dryness, congestion, stuffy nose, or allergies. Reduces a stuffed nose overnight resulting in mouth breathing and dry throat.