Reviews for Plant Therapy Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil 100% Pure, Undiluted, Natural Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Grade 10 mL (1/3 oz)

People say Plant Therapy is really similar to Doterra.


Amazing quality, affordable price

Arrived before estimated date. The smell is absolutely wonderful. I had four separate people smell this and the doTerra brand. They didn't know which they were smelling but three of those people thought the Plant Therapy YLang Ylang smelled better. I was truly surprised. The consistency of the oils was comparable but the price points were entirely different. Worth every penny and then some.


Smells divine, lasts a long time

I saw in a DoTerra email that there were bedtime scents, and I remembered how much I loved this scent, so I dug out an old bottle of some random competitor and started using it on my pillow every night. I had to use 3 drops. It worked great, but sometimes wore off halfway through the night. And I noticed after a few weeks that it just didn't smell quite right. So I remembered how much I liked this brand and its price point and I ordered a fresh bottle. The first night, I had to flip the pillow! Three drops was waaaay too strong! :D And after a few nights, I realized I didn't have to add more every night; the pillow smelled great from the night before. I can't believe what great value this brand is and how great my sleep is!


Love PT!

I'm leaving 5 star reviews on all my PlantTherapy products. I've bought many different Amazon brands, I've bought from Scentsy and doTerra, and similar large businesses and nothing comes close to the value of Plant Therapy. These are pure undiluted essential oils JUST like doTerra but for a fraction of the price. Each batch is tested for Quality and Purity, similar to doTerra products, and the results of each test is displayed on their website. The standard is to do third-party lab tests to protect the integrity of the results, and this is what PT does. I feel much safer knowing that I'm inhaling real essential oils. Highly, highly recommend this company!!! Whether you buy from Amazon or from their site, the quality is consistent. I just buy from Amazon to use my prime benefits and for peace of mind.


Reminds me of my Grandma's Ylang Ylang tree in the Philippines!

Your Ylang Ylang Essential oil is 100% the same fragrant scent of our flowers back home. Your Ylang Ylang oil smells so much better compared to DoTerra's. Yours is 100% the same fragrance of my grandma's Ylang Ylang flowers that brings back happy memories back home in the Philippines. I remember picking the flowers my self and my Mother and Grandma putting fresh Ylang Ylang flowers in our pillow cases at night so we can sleep well. Hmmm, such a beautiful,fragrant memories.


My favorite scent!

I really like Plant Therapy essential oils. They’re high quality and not too expensive! I used to buy Doterra but now I only do for special blends and get mostly Plant Therapy singles. Ylang ylang is my favorite scent!


Plant Therapy is really my favorite brand where I don’t have to spend DoTerra prices ...

Plant Therapy is really my favorite brand where I don’t have to spend DoTerra prices and still get the same quality. Yum. Thank you!!!! This fragrance is strong and smells the way it should. I’m very please and have recommended this brand to everyone I’ve gifted a diffuser to.