Reviews for Hechuang Filters kit for Dyson V7, V8 Animal And Absolute Vacuum, Replacement Parts (DY-96566101) and Post- Filter (DY-96747801)…

People say Wolfish is really similar to Dyson.


Dyson part

I was very pleased with the cost, very easy to install and I received the filters ahead of the delivery time!


Just like dyson

Works just as well as the dyson ones for half the price.


Decent replacement pieces

Tried to buy off the Dyson website and products were sold out so I came to buy off here and it came with 2 pieces for a very great price. They both fit on my vacuum and work great. Now my vacuuming has better suction again.


Good purchase

Our Dyson V8 animal+ had performed well for many years but recently my spouse complained of intermittent power on/power off. I asked her if she ever cleaned the filters and she admitted that wasn't high on her list of things to do. I picked up my phone and quickly found these replacement filters. They arrived on schedule and were immediately installed. Her problem was solved. Happy wife, happy life!


Works w/ Dyson V8

No issues. Fits on my Dyson V8.


Got my dyson back on line!

The 'cone' filter got clogged. Dyson quit sucking, which sucked (pun intended). Changed out the two filters, bye-bye tracked in leaves.


Gave Dyson New life

stock filter was getting clogged after a year --after this suction is back


Good replacement filter

Good replacement filters for dyson v8 animal. Would buy again.


Works like the original

My Dyson V8 was starting to cough and wheeze on a regular basis. Usually just putting in a clean pre-filter remedied the situation but after a year of regular usage I realized it was time to get a new HEPA post filter. I purchased this particular brand based on the mostly positive reviews. It was half the price of the original OEM version and hopefully it will last just as long. The first time I vacuumed with the new filter I noticed a dramatic improvement in suction and overall performance of my Dyson. Since the pre-filters are washable I always start with a fresh one so this leads me to believe I need to change the post filter even more often. Dyson recommends changing the post filter once a year but I may do it once every 6 months after experiencing how much better it cleaned with a new one. I would highly recommend this particular brand of Dyson post and pre-filters. The quality and performance seems every bit as good as the Dyson original filters.


Stopped my Dyson from pulsating.

Seems to be very comparable to original. Looked the same and easy to install plus it stopped my Dyson from pulsating. I've had V8 Dyson animal for a few years. Normally clean filters couple times a year. Vacuum starting pulsating and so I took it apart and cleaned it including filters. After 48 hours drying time still pulsating. Got these filters, replaced one on back and started working as before.