Reviews for REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush, Black

People say Revlon is really similar to Dyson.


Believe the hype!

I have THICK kinky, bra strap length hair that I only had blown out at my salon visits. In between I just let it air dry and would flat iron it and THEN use hot rollers for volume. The flat iron never really got the ends super strait unless I cooked them but a round brush + 1 hour was also not an option. I stumbled upon this product when I was watching a YT video about the Dyson version. And while it was impressive, that hefty price tag is RIDICULOUS. Someone in the comments mentioned this dryer so I looked up videos on it instead. I was SUPER IMPRESSED and the price didn't break the bank. The more I watched, the more excited I got and the fact that the 2.0 version improved some flaws from the original version was a huge deciding factor. I let my hair air dry about 70% before I used it because I had the time. I did see though that if you need to dry it somewhat first, the head attachment is removable which converts it easily to a regular dryer. How cool is that?? I have seen some people complain that if you have to dry it first, what's the point? Well anyone that's had a professional blowout knows that it's STANDARD procedure to remove the excess moisture first. I started with a small area of hair first which took no time at all and actually smoothed my ends! I had to put it down and turn it off to gather more hair though. This is where I realized that sectioning the hair first so you can just release it with clips is more efficient. I zipped through my sections quicker th... Read More


Mind Blown, Amazing.

Ok, so I've desperately wanted the Dyson air wrap for basically ever. FOREVER. However, I'm super cheap and can't justify spending upwards of $500 on a hair product during Covid quarantine as it seems I'll never be able to leave the house. Thus, no one will care about how my hair looks anyways (except for me and possibly my husband, of course).   In an effort to find something comparable, I began obsessively looking online for products (i.e. amazon reviews, youtube, ect...). I have a lot of time on my hands thanks to Covid. That's where I found out about the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer.  I was a bit nervous because I read reviews that said this basically ruined hair. In the end, I decided to purchase this product because no one would see my hair anyways even if it was ruined (once again, thank you very much Covid).  I tried this product the first time while my hair was completely wet. It was super easy to dry and style. I have frizzy and curly hair and it made it look PERFECT. Woa, my mind was totally blown by this product. I called my best friend, who basically said my hair looked so perfect it was like I was wearing a wig. I've used this product quite a few times since. It's come out perfect every time. Ok, I'm totally sold and think you should be too. For $42, I don't believe you will find something better on the market. This product deserves FIVE stars!


I already LOVE this dryer! Hair feels like I just left the salon!

I can get on kicks, and a few months ago i almost convinced myself that I HAD to have a DYSON air wrap. But for a change I practiced some restraint, stepped away, did some research, watched some YouTube videos, and found several where they compared the DYSON ($500) to this Revlon dryerbrush ($34-$50 depending on the day.) I told myself to try the Revlon first. Then I forgot about it for two months because I’m 63, retired, mostly housebound caring for a bedridden husband with advanced Parkinson’s, and usually I just wash my hair at night, go to bed with it wet, and wake up with it in these weird waves and bends and I have to straighten it with a CHI (accept no substitute except maybe the Sedu.) My hair is pretty coarse but not thick. It air dries in 30-40 minutes—with the weird waves and bends. I’m only happy if it’s straight. I let my hair color go natural two years ago *best decision ever* and I think not drying it very often has helped keep it healthy, but since it doesn’t air dry and look pretty and i find the whole round brush in one hand, blow dryer in the other rather awkward, I thought I’d try this thing. It arrived this afternoon. I washed my hair tonight, toweled it damp dry, and sat in front of a mirror with the Revlon dryerbrush. It did an AMAZING job! It’s a pretty simple device—OFF, COOL, LOW, HIGH. And it feels kind of cheaply made so not sure how it will hold up, but I put it on Low and just took sections of my hair and brushed up and under and in no time it wa... Read More


Comparing to the Dyson and HAI Dryers

I'm a hair-dryer nut - I have 3 dryers - a $600 Dyson, a HAI ($100-150), and this Revlon dryer ($40-60, depending if you find a sale). Before I say anything, you should know about me and my hair - My hair is down to my bra strap, but it's THICK. And while I love when it looks good, I am impatient and unskilled at styling it, and willing to pay to make that process easy for myself. Enter the Dyson. It's $600 and comes with several attachments (round brush, barrels, etc.). After I bought it, I discovered the barrels were too short for my hair, and had to spend another $160 to upgrade those. The remaining attachments are also too short, but not upgrade-able. I bought it under the illusion that it was going to make my hair look better, and that styling would be easy. I've had it 6 months, and I still feel like I haven't figured it out. Or maybe I need different product to help my hair hold. Or something. To use it, I need a zillion hair clips to hold everything out of the way, and I have to do things one piece at a time. It's painful. The HAI is a great dryer - but it doesn't do any styling - it dries and that's all. And then this Revlon. It took me no time at all to figure it out, and my hair looks like it's been flat-ironed at the salon. It might only have a single attachment, but it's wider than the Dyson, and picks up a lot more hair. It's also forgiving - I don't need to use all those clips, I can just grab hair when I want, and it works. For that one style (voluminous and s... Read More


Better than my Dyson!

I honestly cannot overstate how much I love this hair dryer! My daughter and I have shared a Dyson for over a year, and we like it a lot. But it has started overheating and being a little unreliable, so we were looking for a backup. I read all the crazy positive reviews before I bought this Revlon one-step, but I still had in the back of my mind that it couldn't really be that good. I was wrong!! My daughter and I have both used it. She has thick, long (super model) hair and it comes out bombshell. I have thin, over processed (not super model) hair, and it too has come out bombshell! This is now our number 1 of all time hair dryer and the Dyson is collecting dust. Sorry, Dyson! Okay, a few details: The Revlon is easy to hold and use. It dries hair very quickly. The dryer does run hot and doesn't really have a temperature control (although it does have high and low and a cool setting). I have burned my hand a few times grabbing the top of the hair dryer incorrectly. The air controls are at the bottom of the handle and you turn that part of the handle to change the air control. This is my only complaint because it makes it difficult to do a "cool shot" when styling with the dyer. But that is a very minor issue. If you are thinking of get this Revlon dryer, don't wait! It is actually as good as all the reviews say!


Try it for yourself

Drying power is really strong. There are 2 options: high and low. High is too high and it can damage your hair if you are not careful and use it too ofter while the low is too low to dry hair but safe to enhance the curls after hair is dry. It is easy to use if you are handy and you already know how do do your hair. I dry my hair with my dyson and then go to enhance the shape with this brush because if I use it to dry it I will have a lot of frizz. I totally recommend this item for those who want to add a little more body to the hair and have that look of “salon blowout”. Use it with moderation like any other hair drier. It’s totally worth it for the price and for what it does.


One stop tool for drying and styling

My daughter suggested I buy this ASAP after she bought one. She has one of those expensive Dyson hair blowers and came across this one and she bought it. It is an amazingly great hair dryer styler. It’s all your need. I am in Florida now, where frizziness is an issue. This styler dryer smooths your hair beautifully and it lasts. I just bought one for my niece who is off to college. This is an amazing product. Love it! Only negative is that it’s a tad heavy but the end results are worth it. Strongly suggest buying one. You won’t be disappointed.


Forget the Chi Straightener and the Dyson Blow Dryer!

First things first..I was very skeptical of this hair dryer at first. Seemed too good to be true, especially considering the price (got it on sale just before Mother's Day...Happy Mother's Day to me). Anyways, it is too good to be true. I absolutely love this hair dryer! I currently have a Chi Straightener and just a regular Revlon blow dryer. I have been researching and wanting the Dyson Blow Dryer (yes...that $399 blow dryer) for quite some time. I actually almost purchased the Dyson Blow Dryer through my employer since we get it at a deep discounted rate. Good thing I didn't! This Revlon Hair Dryer is AMAZING! It's all you need honestly! If you are anything like me, hair styling is not your thing. Even when it comes to blow drying my hair, my hair comes out looking like a mass of a mess. Hints, the straightener. I could never in a million years round brush my hair like my stylist do whenever I get my hair cut. Trust me, I have tried...I just got the round brush tangled in my hair and had to have my husband come bail me out. Anyways, this couldn't be easier! I have very thick hair that sits a few inches below my shoulders. I use my Revlon blow dryer and dry my hair to get it damp. I would say about 70% dry at this point. From there, I break my hair into sections and follow up with this Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer. It couldn't be easier! I highly recommend using the 'low' setting and running through it a few times with each section. Holding it for a tab bit longer at the ro... Read More



Literally the best thing you will buy this year. I got mine a few months ago and even convinced my hair dresser to do a product demo on her social media. She prefers this to any other hair dryer especially the Dyson which is $300 and takes 100 hours to dry your hair. This revlon brush is amazing - I’m horrible at doing my hair but have my mother’s voice in my head saying never to leave the house without your hair done lol bc you could meet a man!! Lol Anyway, it takes me 10 min from wet/towel dried to soft and straight dry hair that looks like I just paid for a blowout. On another note, I used to hate the mornings (love sleeping in) and I now will wake up in the morning to shower and do my hair so it’s fresh for the day instead of doing it the night before!! And another great tip, is that if you do go to bed with your hair wet and you wake up and it’s all psycho crazy looking you can actually use the hairdryer brush on dry hair! it just smooths it out and honestly it’s not the same as like wet to dry but it’s better than how you woke up with your hair!! And it’ll take 5 min so you don’t need to waste time straightening it with a hot iron!! I am an unofficial spokesperson lol but I really think Revlon should start giving me royalties because I’ve gotten all of my friends and coworkers to buy it and you should too!!! You won’t regret it :)


Indeed an awesome, easy blow-out...but do NOT turn on high!

I was debating for years getting one of these tools and was about to shell out the $400+ for a dyson when this gizmo crossed my online shopping path. I watched some very convincing youtube videos praising it (most notably Malibu's "THE BEST DRUGSTORE HAIR DRYER" video) and trusted them enough to try. At least I would get the sense that I'd actually USE such a tool prior to shelling out the $$ for the dyson air wrap (very similar type of styler). PROS: It is exactly as advertised and ideal for the medium-length, lazy hair styler like me. I always loved the salon round brush + hairdryer blow out look, but could never get the hang of doing it to myself. This items fixes the convoluted acrobatics one would usually have to pull. I love that the tip is cool enough to hold so that I use both hands to roll and pull the brush down and it is light enough that, even after doing my whole head in three layers, 4 sections each, my arms aren't tired! Hazaah! CONS: That being said, I can see the two major complaints that lead me to giving 4 instead of 5 stars. 1. there is a huge risk of damaging your hair if you're not careful because it gets seriously hot (see suggestions below) and 2. it's obviously not of the highest quality parts and I won't be surprised if it breaks apart soon. Number 2, I cannot do anything about, just be as careful as I can. Number 1, I have some tips & tricks gleaned from the wise old internet, trials and common sense. SUGGESTIONS: - do NOT use the heat options at... Read More