Reviews for V7 21.6V 6000mAh Replacement Battery Compatible with Dyson V7 Battery SV11 Motorhead Pro V7 Trigger V7 Animal Car+Boat V7 Absolute V7 Fluffy Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

People say Battool is really similar to Dyson.


have to watch the plug in.

First off this was very easy to install. two screws and that is it. Second you have to watch when putting it back into the cradle that the plug for the battery charger goes into the battery. third it's a little too early to tell the longevity and the battery time is going to last. I know that the battery that came with my Dyson was a piece of junk and didn't last very long at all. So I'm hoping that this one will.


Functional and Great price compared to OEM

When my Dyson battery failed, I went online to Dyson support. It costs $100 and was out of stock. I called Dyson support for an update on when stock would be available, and the helpful service tech suggested Amazon. Saved money; works great.


Worth for the price

My Dyson V7 only works 30 mins after full charge. And the origina battery need 4-5 hours or more time to be full charge. So I have to wait long time to vacuum the rest of the floor. This replacement battery is really save my life. It’s fit for my Dyson V7. Right now, I can vacuum all my carpets at once. It’s very useful for me. I recommend it!