Reviews for morpilot Dyson V8 Battery Replacement 4500mAh 21.6V Lithium Battery for Absolute Cordless Handheld Vacuum Dyson V8 Fluffy Vacuum - with 2 Pack V8 Filters

People say Morpilot is really similar to Dyson.


Our Dyson original batter was dying and this was a big improvement

Our v8 Dyson stick was getting to be barely usable with the original battery so finally replaced it with this and damn was it worth it. The stick runs so much longer than it ever did and has more suction while using it. Didn't expect that much improvement but it delivered it is better than new now.



This generic Dyson vacuum battery replacement is working very well. I had ordered another brand last year but because I did not use it immediately it did not work when I did use it and it was too late to return. I was hesitant to try another generic battery but reviews were good so I gave this brand a shot and glad I did. It is easy to install - got instructions from YouTube. Suction is very good and much less cost than a Dyson. I would recommend it highly.


Replacement 👍🏻

Easy to install, cheaper option than getting a new dyson and works great ( a few weeks in)


Easy to install and much more powerful

Installation took maybe 3 minutes, it was just 3 screws. My Dyson wouldn't run on high for more than a minute prior to replacement. Without charging the replacement I ran the Dyson on high and just kept cleaning, I quit before it did. It goes back on the charger without an issue and I have used it several times now without issue. I can't say how the longevity will be but it's very powerful now and as good or better than it was with the original battery. It looks original as well.


Works great!

Our Dyson now works as it did when it was brand new! We used to not be able to vacuum the first floor of our 1,000 square foot Apt without it dying and having to put it back on the charge. Hopefully this lasts since it seems it hasn’t for others…