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People say Rinfit is really similar to Enso Rings.


Rinfit vs. ENSO

Weighted SCORECARD: Presentation: 3/3 Comfort: 4/5 Durability: 3/3 Performance: 4/4 Value: 5/5 Total Score: 19/20. OUTSTANDING Presentation - the set of three rings come in a very sturdy, stiff and small zip lock bag. The rings you arent wearing that day can be easily stored in this bag. The bag itself is very high quality and should last. Comfort - comparing this to the Enso, this ring does not squish near as much as the Enso ring. It also seems to be made of a stiffer compount. The Enso ring is very smooth and very soft to the touch. The Rinfit is still comfortable but feels a little bit more like a less firm real ring. Still you forget its there and thats how it should feel. Over time from washing your hands the surface of the ring dowa soften up. Durability - i have used this ring doing chores around the house, lifting weights and general exercise also maintains its size better than the enso that feels like it expanded a little. Performance - The ring has never slid off or shown any sign of wear. It flexes a little when taking on or off but it adapts to my finger quite nicely. Value - Hands down this is a better value than the Enso rings. I i hardly wear my enso because it slips off and it was a special gift. It cost $25. The Rinfit was around $12 for 3 which is a great deal for 3 different colors. Click "helpful" if you enjoyed this review


Best bang for your buck!

I’ve tried all the rings, Qalo, groove, enso, literally every one of them. I’ve spent way more than I should have, but these rings are the best ones and the best value for your purchase. I got 7 rings for the price of one of the more expensive silicon rings. These rings look great and feel great. I wish I knew about them before!