Reviews for Rinfit Silicone Wedding Rings for Men. 1/3/4/7 Pack. Designed, Safe & Soft Rubber Men's Wedding Band. U.S. Design Patent

People say Rinfit is really similar to Enso Rings.


Stylish and Seems Durable!

In the past I have bought the "girly", dainty silicone rings from enso, and I tried a few cheapies from Amazon. ALL of them stretched out after about a month of wear. To the point where they were falling off my fingers. I bought these since they are thicker/wider. I just got them today so I don't know if they'll hold up over time, but I am impressed so far. The style is very nice. I know it's supposed to be a "men's" ring, but it's very neutral, imo.



My husband is a farmer/rancher and he loves these rings! It took some time to get used to wearing them since they are not as flexible as an enso ring, but otherwise are well loved at our house. They are great for the working man! The only we have noticed is that if in water for long periods of time, you are prone to lose a ring. Or at least in our case. That's how he's lost the first two and if he looses the third, I'll be making this purchase again.