Reviews for Egnaro Silicone Ring for Men, 7 Rings / 4 Rings / 1 Ring Step Edge Rubber Wedding Bands 8.5mm Wide - 2.5mm Thick…

People say Egnaro is really similar to Enso Rings.


Perfect Fit

Great quality for a fraction of the cost of the more expensive Enso Rings.


Very nice ring- my husband loves it

My husband loves this ring, we bought a silicone ring from Enso and paid about$50 and it was flimsy and didn’t last a year- this ring is comfortable, durable and can’t beat the price!


Durable and perfect for work

Got this for my boyfriend and he loves it! Much sturdier than his more expensive Enso ring I bought him.. and much much cheaper! Very soft and thick, so perfect for every day wear and tear.