Reviews for Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, Cleans Front Load and Top Load Washers, Including HE, 6 Tablets

People say Affresh is really similar to Finish.


Seems like it worked

I read all of the reviews and watched a few videos regarding this product. My main take aways were that this product got rid of the pungent odors and drum residue (which people cant see) in regards to the positives. The negative reviews stated a strong scent, residue in the drum, and didn't work at all. I have a Frigidaire Affinity HE Front Load Washer purchased in 2009, used liquid detergent for first 3 years then Tide pods for the the past 7+. My washer did NOT exhibit any of the really bad odors people have reported about their own. I don't use my washer every day, maybe 5 times a week at most. Three being a load of clothing and two being hot washes with towels. Usual routine is one of each per day with a clothing wash on the side. I leave my door open when not in use and try transfer the wash ASAP after the cycle ends. I just wanted to try this since I use the Tide Front Washer packets prior with no issues with residue or irritation. Mainly bought this due to the removing scum and residue from the drum that we can't see. I like finding and trying different alternatives. I opened the single usage tablet and placed it into the drum as directed. Be careful to open the individual package slowly as the loose powder will go airborne if opened quickly. I'd recommend using a scissor to cut open the packet INSIDE of the drum to prevent the loose particles from falling onto the floor or inhaled. I do not have a "clean cycle" on my washer so I just ran a full hot load wash. After... Read More


Cleaning your washer is IMPORTANT!

These are great especially for front load machines. If your machine smells, it is because it needs cleaning. I went a long time without using these thinking it was just another marketing thing. Our front loader started smelling. Even after draining the water line at the bottom of the washer and wiping the seals and tub with bleach, the washer still smelled musty. I tried one of the afresh tabs the last time I cleaned the washer. I did the same water line drain, cleaning the water filter, wiping the seal and all behind the seal as much as I could get with bleach, then I put the afresh tab in and put the washer on self clean. After the self clean was finished, I took a dry cleaning towel and wiped out the residue in the wash tub. The smell was gone! I now use these once a month and we have not have any issues with odor.


I was really really skeptical... like no way in the world is this going to work.

I honestly thought the water in my building was causing my laundry to smell funky. One night of insomnia surfing the web and I came across a 30 second web "infomercial" about some other cleaning tablets that promised to clean out the sludge from your washing machine. So I came on amazon looking for a product and saw this one. I read the negative reviews first all claiming this doesn't work. I pretty much agreed with them. Then read positive reviews on how to use it for it to work better than the included directions. Hmmmm.... so for the little money this costs, I decided to take the risk and bought a 6 pack. My washer is probably a good 15 years old, nothing advanced, standard top load and I'm 100% sure has never been cleaned (I bought it used for $80 a year ago). It's one of those that has an attached dryer on the top. Perfect for condos. It wasn't dirty but who knows what's happening with the internals. First Tablet (day 1): I followed another reviewer's directions that said to run the hot water cycle as directed but to let it soak for 1/2 hour at the beginning of the cycle when it just gets going - or something like that. It made sense. I messed it up and put it on soak cycle thinking I'm an efficiency god. This emptied the tub - solution and all - before the wash cycle... smh. I let it finish anyway. Second Tablet (day 2): Ran the washer as directed. Hot water on biggest cycle and XL load. I just let it run as normal. Now I'm semi-obsessed and no idea why! Third Table... Read More


Saved me HUNDRED$ in rapairs!

OMG this is awesome! I have an imported Ariston washer circa 2010 that has had issues with the spin cycle. Now and again when it doesn't seem to be spinning long enough I'd have to set it to spin again, and go under it to clean out the little filter trap. Then a week or so ago it decided to go the other extreme and never stop spin cycle. Like ever. I googled and found out all about sensors and filters and how to reset the sensor (even how to replace it, pressure sensor, easy-peasy but buying one in the US is apparently not possible). Reset didn't help, cleaned filters and no dice. Then I read about washing your washing machine -- whaaat? Figured worth a try. If sensor or the little tube that connects to it is stuffed with crud (we do have 9 cats and the dryer was another long story I won't tell here) maybe this cleaner could fix it. I put in 2 tablets instead of 1, set it to the hottest water setting and the longest wash cycle, went outside and forgot about it. About 5 hours later I remembered and suddenly noticed I don't hear the washer cycling over and over, it's silent! It has finished its spin and turned off, like it is supposed to! WOW! It is fixed! I will be using this cleaner in my washer monthly from now on!


Keeps the wash tub and rubber gasket smelling clean

I like to clean my front load washer periodically to keep it smelling fresh. I also leave the door and drawer for the detergent open in between washes to decrease the moldy smell. Using afresh cleans the rubber gasket too. I do recommend opening the door after it finishes it’s long cycle of cleaning with affresh


Keeps my washer clean

Easy to use just toss them in on clean cycle if you got it and wipe the barrel down when it’s finished.


Works like a charm

This product is a large tablet that is placed in the washing machine to clean the machine. It is recommended by the machine’s manufacturer and is recognized as a good way to clean your machine. Easy to use. Just rinse the tub after cleaning is finished to get rid of any residue.


Get the funk out

Front loading washing machines never completely drain all the water and after a few short months, the sour smell can set in and even set in your clothes. Affresh gets that smell out with ease. Just run the clean cycle (or a hot water cycle) and leave the door open after the cycle finishes. Fresh machine = fresh clothes.


I have a feeling we'll need alot of these

I just purchased our first high efficiency front loading washer. I LOVE it... I am constantly doing laundry in a house full of adults, teens, adolescents (not to mention cleanup after a highly incontinent dog). it's that last one that really has potential to stink up the washer since the messes we clean up vary in quantity, consistency and odor. The other part is needing to leave the washer door open afterwards to allow it to air dry and reduce the potential for mold and mildew (which apparently, front loaders are unintentionally prone to grow). After just 2 months of having these gorgeous new appliances, I had already detected an off-putting smell. Now I am highly sensitive to smell but even my nose-blind husband detect a light odor. I ordered these immediately and popped one in, using the designated "clean washer 'with Affresh'" option. Ran for about an hour and once finished, the smell was gone. Instructions said to wipe down any surface inside the machine after use which I did. Left the door open to dry and seems to have achieved the desired effect. It said this can be used on machines that are not high efficiency and top loaders in case anyone wonders this.


Not the Bang for My Buck I Expected

I am on a well. My water comes into the house and then through a softening and sanitizing system and into my appliances (washer & dishwasher). I had been using a washing machine cleaner from a "mom & pop" seller on Amazon and decided to give these a try for comparison. The "mom & pop" seller's tablets were MUCH more palatable to the wallet for starters. I've only used these twice so far and I really don't see any difference in them and the tablets made by the "family owned business" tablets at a lower price. I think I'll finish these off and go back to the other tablets at the lower price :o)