Reviews for LuckyZ Backpacks Womens Casual Style Lightweight Cloth Canvas Backpack School Bag Travel Daypack Medium Handbag Purse

People say Luckyz is really similar to Fjallraven.


Perfect basic bag for everyday

I’m really happy with this backpack. I got it to use as something in between a school/travel backpack and a smaller sling bag. I have ended up using it as my everyday bag. It is very soft and lightweight. Although it is similar in style to the Fjallraven Kanken bags, it is not at all similar in material. It won’t stand up without something in it. I like this because I can swing it over my shoulder if I don’t feel like putting it on my back. I like that I can keep the top straps attached while still being able to zip open the main compartment somewhat. The front pouch is a good size for frequently used small items. The side pockets will not fit a water bottle. I use one for my phone and one for my keys. The main compartment easily fits a couple books/journals, toiletry bag, water bottle, iPad, and wallet with room for misc. items without feeling too empty. I personally don’t like brand logos on my things and the patch was easy to remove. If I could change one thing about this backpack, I would add a loop on the inside to attach a key ring too. I don’t expect this to last forever, but the stitching and zippers are all perfect so far. I would recommend this bag for daily essentials, hiking, traveling, concerts etc., not for a student bag or if you need to carry a laptop.


Good, basic little pack!

Just what I was looking for! I work in a restaurant, have 2 dogs and frequent the dog park often, surf, and go on tons of day/exploring trips so that I don't lose my mind. I'm also a purse-aholic. I wanted something medium sized and super basic that was practical for ALL of the above activities, but didn't want to spend the astronomical amount of money on one of those overly trendy Fjallraven packs. So, I picked this guy! The red color is awesome, it's super soft, perfect everyday size, and holds all my junk. Is it super well made? No, of course not! But will it last awhile if I put in a little sewing effort from time to time? Absolutely! Other reviews say the straps aren't adjustable, and they definitely ARE. The process is just slightly more basic and primitive than what most people are used to. You just un-snap the strap, pull to where you want, and then I tie a knot with the excess hanging down for security. Bam. Done. NO this should not be used as a school pack for several heavy books, and you shouldn't carry around your bricks in it (duh). Also, for size reference they obviously used very small people as the know. Go off of that. Works for me! Heh.


Cute bag

This bag is definitly a play on the Fjallraven bag. But this one is made out of soft material. I would not reccomend using it for school because it would eventually tear or break. Def the type of bag you pack your mac laptop or just a single book in and take a trip to a coffee shop with. Love the color, the material and the bag in general


Good Backpack

I use this for college and it works great! I really wanted a Fjallraven Kaken but those are pretty expensive so I picked this backpack. Its soft and would work great for traveling!


Perfect knock off Fjallraven

This backpack is perfect if you're looking for a knock off Fjallraven bag. I've had mine for a year and I've loved it. It's super cute and surprisingly spacious! Unfortunately, the main zipper ripped off from the fabric a few days ago, so I'm here to buy another. I used this bag quite frequently over the past year so I definitely believe I got my money worth. Keep in mind the quality is not as great as Fjallraven, but that's why it's so cheap!!