Reviews for Timex Men's Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

People say Timex is really similar to Fossil.


Highly Satisfied! Love It!

I started off with the Timex Weekender. I love that watch, and the simplicity of that watch. However, that thing was LOUD. I'd have to shove my wrist under the pillow at night to block out the ticking. The ticking became more and more irritating so I began to search for a new watch and landed on this one. I have a Fossil watch and some other nice watches and I really like this one the best. The indiglo is awesome. That's one of my main reasons for staying with Timex after the whole Weekender debacle -I hated to lose the functionality of the indiglo. Just a few things worth noting, but otherwise this is a great watch if you're considering it: 1. The second hand is located in the bottom middle of the chronograph. It's tricky at first, because the large hand that looks like it would be for the second hand is actually for the timer. There's nothing wrong with the watch, it's just an adjustment that you have to get used to. I don't use the second hand on any watch for that many things, so it wasn't a big deal to me. However if you're someone who uses the second hand a lot, then you might want to take that into consideration. 2. When I ordered this watch I was worried that I'd have trouble reading it at a glance because the numbers don't go from 1-12. I thought I might have to look at it longer than just a glance in order to read the time, but this hasn't been an issue either. I don't have any issues reading it day or night. The hands glow really well and seem to retain their bri... Read More


The watch band is soft and comfortable and the watch has some overall heft to it ...

So I was a little hesitant buying a Timex after the last one I had. That one I could hear ticking whenever there wasn't any background noise in the room. Not the case with this one. It is quiet thanks to the glass face. The watch band is soft and comfortable and the watch has some overall heft to it thanks to the all metal body. This was definitely a lot higher quality than I expected out of the Timex. I would easily put this over a comparable fossil watch or similar budget watch.


Very nice watch for daily use

Very nice watch for daily use. I own a fossil and this feels much lighter and the indiglo function is amazing!


Great looking watch but...

...the chronograph second and upper sub-faces lose their ability to rest on zero but you can re-align them using these instructions for fossil watches ([...] To realign the chrono-minute hand, pull the winder out one click and push the (can't remember now) top or bottom button. That was a nice surprise (to find a solution). I also replaced the band with a slightly wider nylon/velcro band. Just looks better that way although I really wish the original band was wider. Again, great looking watch but you get what you pay for.