Reviews for Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron

People say Babylisspro is really similar to Ghd.


The best!

This is the best flat iron I've ever owned. I used my Chi till the wheels fell off..ten years. It worked great but started to snag my hair during its final days. I moved on to GHD and hated it. This is my first Babyliss and I love it! Leaves my hair silky, soft and shiny on a single pass. Some of the negative comments are hilarious. It's a flat iron for Pete's sake who cares how it looks or the packaging it comes in as long as it works good...and it does.


OMG...So glad I decided on this one!!!

I'm part African American, so I've lived with thick, naturally curly hair all my life. When my Paul Mitchell died, I was stressed that I was going to make the wrong choice. I loved my Paul Mitchell because it always smoothed out the frizz, but I wanted to try something else. I asked my hair stylist friends who all recommended the Babyliss. I debated on the Chi Lava, GHD, T3 and the Drybar flat irons. I checked all the ratings on this Ulta app and ultimately chose the 1 1/4 in nano titanium ionic straightening iron. BEST DECISION EVER!!! It turned my lion mane after blow drying with a paddle brush into smooth, bone straight softness!! I couldn't stop touching it!!! I did use the heat protectant spray that I always use. I'm still amazed!! You won't regret it!!



I have had this flat iron for 7 years and it works the exact same as when I bought it. I have thick curly hair and it comes out pin straight and silky every time. I have dropped it numerous times, left it on for hours(on accident), pretty much put it through everything and it's still perfect! I owned a CHI and a GHD before, this one is so much better than both. Love it!



I have GHD and CHI straighteners and neither work anywhere near as good as this Babyliss pro. I never write reviews but I have very thick, kinky, coarse Nigerian hair that is impossible to manage. This straightener not only cuts in half the time it takes to straighten my hair, but it also actually makes it straight. Both the chi and ghd make my hair straight for all of two seconds but this babyliss makes my hair last for days. Buy it! Totally worth it. I bought it in store and am so happy with my decision.


one of the best out there

I was first introduced to this straightner by my hair stylist. I loved the way my hair looked once it was straightned with the babyliss pro. I use it to straighten and curl my hair or flip my hair. It doesn't snag my hair. If you put heat on your hair its going to get damaged anyway but this one doesn't damage it as much as others do. I've had a conair straightner a Zoe straightner (which is HORRID in my opinion) a hot toools straightner a chi and ghd. none compare to the babyliss pro. the only thing is that it is a little bulky but i know there's a thinner model of the straightner and i think theres a travel one but im not sure, However it's worth the investment and I'm so glad i bought it


Absolute Favorite

I absolutely love my baby blue Babyliss. I've had it for about 4 years since my stylist recommended it, so it's durable and professional approved! It makes straightening my hair so much easier and quicker. I also have really frizzy hair, but this iron masks that well(cheaper irons make my hair poofy, tangled, and frizzy). I sleep with a high ponytail and it'll stay straight until the next wash(sometimes 3 days). Being in college, I've tried a lot of different irons and I've liked very few after being spoiled with my babyliss. (There's nothing worse than using a cheap poor quality straightener). I've considered buying a ghd or the paul mitchell flat iron since this one is so old, but I don't see the point in spending more money when this iron is absolutely perfect. It is a little bigger and boxier than say the chi, but that doesn't really bother me. When it breaks (if ever) I will definitely repurchase.


Best Straightener Ever!!!!

I have been using this for 6 years and by far it's the best! I've tried CHI, Sedu, and GHD and none compare to BabyLiss! Many stylist agree! I like the longer and wider plates for my thick dirty blonde hair! LOVE IT:)


I do not like this flat iron!!!!!

Like is the wrong word for describing the quality of this flat iron! I love this amazing straightener. In fact I proposed to it and promised to never leave its side! That's how much I love this product. This flat iron gets my clients hair bone straight, from straightening weave to thick natural hair. I also have the ultra slim babyliss that I use to get close to the roots. The titanium plates leave my clients hair very smooth and silky! One of my clients has the thickest curly hair ever and very long and it takes me 20 minutes to straighten her hair! AGHHHH babyliss has always made great and amazing products! They even include warranties on these flat irons and I love that about babyliss. If you are looking for a flat iron that is great in quality, works magic on clients, and does not burn your hair, this is the one! Also I have tried other brands like the chi, sedu and ghd and none of those high priced products compare to this.



I have done so much research on trying to find the best flat iron out there and went on a hunt to make sure i get a great product for my money, and guess what, i found it with THIS flat iron. I have tried the GHD ( which i was sooooo disappointed) brocato which was alright, CHI (owned 4) and the sedu plus several other random irons. My hair has never look so healthy, straight and above all the way i always wanted it to then with this iron. I dont write reviews on products but felt the need to for this, to try to help people that were just like me in trying to find the best product for my money. You can also create curls with this iron that i havent mastered yet ( but that simply user error :) ) Side note- I have thick, curly/wavy ,frizzy ,long hair and live in TEXAS so its really hard to tame my hair, but ive never had so many complements on my hair until I used this iron.


I like it

I purchased this today, originally wanting a ghd but i decided the reviews on this product seemed better. Im glad i got it. It was definitely a splurge for me but i consider it to be an investment. Hoping it remains a good investment. Its done great so far