Reviews for philosophy the microdelivery peel

People say Philosophy is really similar to Goop Beauty.



This resurfacing mask is the best I've ever tried. It will always be in my beauty arsenal....this mask literally leaves my skin super soft like a babies bottom! I love love love this product!


Love this! Skin feels...

Love this! Skin feels super soft and more vibrant! Helps slough all the dead skin and this is a staple in my beauty routine. Try it and discover your glow!


Best thing on the market

If you want to have the softest face skin ever you must try this. I love this product. I use it every few weeks and love the feel of my skin after using it. At the end of using it on my face, I massage my hands with the left over stuff on my fingers and my hands are soooo soft. I really hate using make as I don't find they do much for me and take a long time of goop on my face and then waiting and waiting, then rinse it off and I wonder why I bothered, but with this, I am finished in 5 minutes or so and have such soft skin.



Seriously amazing product. I use this every Sunday night and it's makes my skin baby soft!!!! It is a must have in every beauty routine!!!


At-home facial!

I absolutely love this product. It is the best at-home exfoliating system that I've ever used and I worked in the beauty industry for over 12 years. My skin has never felt so soft! Don't hesitate, buy it now!


maximum effect

I use this once week and my skin glows. It looks like I have worked out and am flushed and glowing after this duo. Now part of my beauty routine for life!


You'll feel a difference after the first use!

I am not lying when I say you feel a difference after the first use. I just has a foil sample that lasted 3 uses and I noticed my skin felt smoother, softer, and readily absorbed serums and treatments much easier after the first application. It worked with other beauty products to enhance and accelerate their results. If you are not used to spending this much on product, get over it, it is well worth the price and a little goes a long way (for me at least). I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.


You Won't Be Disappointed...

I'm active duty, and for years I've had problems with my skin due to my job (different environments and little time to really pay attention to my skin). I've tried products that "promised" or "guaranteed" phenomenal results, but wound up lacking in any fashion. My skin problems fall across the spectrum--too oily, too dry, clogged pores, dark spots, acne. Nothing has worked. Then I tried the Microdelivery Peel and I saw immediate results. My skin was smoother, my pores were smaller and clear, there was a softness to the surface, and there was a glow that I hadn't seen since high school. Additionally, fine lines and dark spots slowly started going away. To top it all off, the Vitamin C freshness awakened my spirit. Only Philosophy can make that happen!! If you want immediate results, this can be the product for you. But it's not magic and, like most products, you have to give it the time it needs to start healing your skin completely. I do recommend this to everyone, though. What minimum success you may have with your skin can be dramatically increased by the success you'll have with your spirit. There is no better company to inspire TRUE beauty than Philosophy!!!


Better than going to the spa

I remember I first discovered this product at Nordstoms when they were having this beauty party. The lady that was giving me the free facial demonstrated what this product does on the back of my hand and I noticed that one hand looked brighter than the other. I didn't buy the product right then mostly because I knew of another place that sold Philosophy products a bit cheaper than Nordstroms. Now the reason why I say this product is better than going to the spa is because I remember how quite sometime ago how I discovered going to the spa and having facials done. I remember back than how my biggest skin concerns were my oily skin, blackheads and breakouts. When I would have the facials done on me I remembered how the person would be pinching and poking at my skin trying to extract the blackheads. In the end, I knew these facials were doing nothing for my skin and I was just throwing away money. The micro delivery peel is so much better than going out and getting a facial and also less costly. I try to use this product once a week or once every other week. And when I use this product I see how smoother and brighter my face looks and how cleaner it feels. Ever since I have started using Philosophy products I have never set foot in a spa again. Thank you Philosophy :)


Miracle Worker

This product truly is amazing. I have been obsessed with beauty products for over 15 years, and also have my esthetician license, and have experimented with tons of different products. This product does an excellent job of exfoliating all that dead skin off and will leave your skin glowing!


I've started my husband on this peel

I've been using this peel for almost a year and love how my face looks and feels. I use the serum and cream after the peel. I am very pleased. I convinced my husband to try it and it helped his skin almost immediately. He also uses the serum and cream after each peel. We now have our beauty treatments together twice a week.


It works

Best product to keep yourself fresh and young. This product takes away dull surface skin and reviles the younger tighter skin below. I use this product once to twice a month to regenerate my skin. I have recommended this product to all my friends, as I've been using it for 2 years now.. Even my husband uses it with me. This is the only beauty product he uses other than a men's aftershave. I tell all my friends not to rub too hard at first, when doing step one, you don't want to make your skin raw, just exfoliate. You will know what your max toleration after a few uses.


Love Love Love

I loved this product. The benefits of smoother skin with smaller pores tied with the low cost made this product a new staple in my beauty bag.


At Home Microdermbrasion

This is a great product that smooths out my skin well. I use it once a week and I have noticed so much more beauty in my skin! I went away from using Philosophy for awhile, and now that I'm back I do feel like the quality has gone down slightly with this product. I feel I used to get more foam when I used this product about 10-12 years ago. Still great results though.