Reviews for ZZZhen Weighted Blanket - High Breathability - 48''72'' 15LB - Premium Heavy Blankets - Calm Sleeping for Adult and Kids, Durable Quilts and Quality Construction…

People say Zzzhen is really similar to Gravity.


Highly Recommend - 100% Worth It

Bought this as a gift for my girl on Christmas and paid ~$40 for it compared to the ~$250 Gravity Blanket. Obviously I've only tried out this version, but I cannot believe how incredible it is! We nap with it on the couch, and it's incredibly cozy! You'll fall asleep faster and sleep better (both her and my opinion). They caution this blanket can get warm, but it's winter and our area is cold during this season, so we haven't noticed that at all! We got the 15lb blanket. Nothing crazy and both of us lift frequently. With the weight distribution, that blanket feels VERY heavy when folding it up. Keep that in mind if you're getting this for someone elderly who may not have the physical strength to lift it. Wouldn't recommend this for younger kids either. If they are under 5, I'd be concerned it may be too much for them. I have no medical or pediatric background, so take that with a grain of salt and do your own research before being dissuaded by a random review. All in all, highly recommend getting this blanket if you want noticeably better rest.



Pleasant shopping experience, the first comment sent to this gravity blanket, covered with this blanket, I clearly feel a little bit of wrapping feeling it makes me feel very comfortable.And, after more than 10 days of use, you do feel that the quality of your sleep is getting better. Size for me just good, breathability is also very good, will not feel very muggy, I hope that in my long-term use will make my sleep quality more and more good. Conscience products, hope to sell the better. I really like this product.