Reviews for Dockers Men's Relaxed Fit Comfort Khaki Pants

People say Dockers is really similar to Haggar.


Very soft material, comfortable.

The material is very soft to the touch and the khaki material goes far enough inside the pocket that the white liner is barely noticeable when seated. My husband's favorite pants used to be Haggar Work to Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist, but when we ordered them recently, he noticed the liner in the pocket was white (not matching the color of the pants) and was very noticeable when sitting. Thus began the hunt for a new brand of expandable waist pants with pocket liners that were the same color as the pants, or at least not white and close to the pocket opening. As mentioned, these do have a white liner but with enough of the actual pants material going inside the pocket to make it barely noticeable. If this is important to you, another brand we just tried has a black liner which is much preferred over the white (Land's End Men's Comfort Waist) which also offers free hemming or cuffing in 1/4 inch increments.


You Will Love Them. Fit Is PERFECT

I'd always purchased from a "large online clothing outfit." In last year they screwed up everything and each pair had different fit.. Some so loose it was impossible to wear. I always ordered a custom length. The crotch on new ones was so long on them I had to have altered. In the end I just donated all to local Mission. I decided to order three different brands from AMAZON; Dickies, Dockers, and Haggar. Ordered exact size I needed and I AM EXTREMELY PLEASED WITH ALL THREE. They all fit perfectly!!! I will have to have length tailored but worth it to have pants that look really good and most importantly FIT. Oh, the quality is excellent...


Not Dockers?

I haven't worn either pair yet, but I'm sure their just fine, because they're Haggar, and not Dockers. lol


Dockers Men's Comfort Khaki D4 Relaxed Fit Flat...

I first tried a pair of Haggars weekend but the seat was very uncomfortable. These Dockers fit fine and wear good.