Reviews for SEIKO Men's SNK809 SEIKO 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Black Canvas Strap

People say Seiko is really similar to Hamilton.


Great watch for the money

So far so good, this watch keeps better time than my Hamilton Khaki Field.


but doesn't look like it. Keeps good time

One of the least expensive 'automatic' watches anywhere, but doesn't look like it. Keeps good time, and no batteries to replace. Excellent value. Replaced a (much more expensive) Hamilton that died on me,


Hamilton field watch looks for a fraction of the price!

I immediately changed the strap to a brown leather one with deployment clasp. Makes the watch very classy. Almost like a Hamilton. For the price, I am bee impressed!


Great Watch For Money, I Highly Reccomend. Works Perfect Two Years Of Heavy Use Later

Review of the Seiko 5 SNK809: TOO LONG DIDN'T READ: This watch is great. It runs perfectly 2 years later (I wore it daily for 1 year) and has no issues. It has an accurate movement and is durable. If I were you, I'd go ahead and buy it now. The only downsides of purchasing this watch is that its lume fades pretty fast and the strap is a bit uncomfortable but it's easily resolved by buying a new strap. Info on photos: The strap pictured was purchased for 5 dollars from Sears a few weeks after purchasing the watch. It’s a major upgrade and I urge you to purchase a new strap for the watch since the one it comes with isnt low quality at all but it was slightly uncomfortable and I wanted the watch to look more formal. I purchased this watch on July 21, 2018. It arrived in three days and there are other reviews saying this watch gets delivered extremely fast. Hence I doubt you should pay extra for fast shipping, just go with the free shipping that comes with this watch. Before I start this review I want you to keep a few things in mind: 1. This watch costs 64 dollars from an unauthorized dealer (like Amazon) but it will cost you 195 dollars to buy this watch from an Authorized dealer (like Macy’s or Jcpenney). 2. This watch has the 7s26c automatic movement from Seiko 3. This watch is made in Malaysia 4. This watch is 37 mm in diameter 5. This watch doesn’t have hacking or hand winding I will now start the review: INTRO: Let me tell you. This watch is perfect on the exteri... Read More


Go to watch after 4 years

4 year update: The snk809 is appreciated by watch enthusiasts and casual watch wearers alike for good reason. The snk809 started my appreciation for mechanical watches and my collection had grown to include Omega, Rolex, Hamilton, Sinn, Junghans and more but for some reason I always come back to this watch and the SKX as my go to watches daily. There's a lot to love about the snk809. It's dial is based off the type B pilot's watch worn by German WWII pilots to enable it's wearer to easy read the time. It's style is still seen today in many high end watches such as IWC. The quality of the watch compared to the price offers a value that no other watch can beat. The watch feels heavy in a good way especially compared to the quartz fashion watches that I purchased in the past that were the same price or more. The case is well built with nice lines. There is a clear case back so the movement is visible. The watch is the perfect size. At 37mm it hits the perfect size for wristwatches which adds a nice touch to outfits without screaming for attention. It sits comfortably on the wrist without adding bulk, I haven't dinged or dented the case in the 4 years that I've had it which also speaks to the quality of the case as I have bumped it on doorknobs and stuff occasionally. The crown at the 4 o'clock position further makes the watch comfortable to wear since it doesn't dig into my wrist when I extend it.. The movement is the 7s26 automatic which is a proven and durable movement. Min... Read More


Better than a Timex, cheaper than a Hamilton!

The biggest take away from this AWESOME timepiece, is that the case is a tad small! I have slim wrists, so I don’t mind the gap in size. This watch performs and functions as it should! The hands sweep effortlessly, with no issue! The nylon band can take some time getting used to, though it may not be for everyone, so swap it out at your hearts content! The see through back of the case is quality craftsmanship! Being able to see the gears and rotor in action, never gets old! Did I forget to mention that the lume is COOL? The timekeeping is above average in terms of accuracy. The automatic movement runs for about 3 days or longer if you take it off and put it away, so be sure to MOVE while you can! If you don’t believe me, buy one and try it TODAY! You can never go wrong for the $50 price point, but have these functions that you can only find in a more expensive brand/watch. Seiko fan for life! Get one before they are gone!


Excellent watch. Watches at this point are more of ...

Excellent watch. Watches at this point are more of a symbol than a tool. Once upon a time, a chronometer was essential for maritime navigation, or a trusty Hamilton pocketwatch was essential to keep the trains on schedule. Now you have an iPhone in your pocket and telling time with a wristwatch is passe. A watch, to some people is a symbol of wealth and exclusivity. This watch is not that. It is still a symbol, but of something a bit harder to define and more complex. Post WWII, Japan turned their industrial capability to entirely civil endeavors. The swiss were essentially the only people who maintained watchmaking capabilities due to their neutrality. The Americans turned their watch companies into bomb timers for the war effort and didn't return to the factory afterwards. With the advent of the first electric watches like the Bulova accutron, and the later quartz watches, the mechanical watch was going to become obsolete. Relegated only to a few boutique european manufacturers making luxury pieces like Rolex and Omega, who justified their high price with erudite talk of engineering precision, the mechanical watch was on the way off the every-man's wrist. Seiko, in a brave and somewhat unlikely move, made the Seiko 5, to be an affordable and accurate mechanical watch. Out of left field came a watch that proved that the Japanese had the precision manufacturing capability to rival anyone on earth, and at a fraction of the cost. The popularity of this watch exploded, and in pa... Read More


The best value in small automatics, even has date and day!

The best automatic for the price that I have found. Classic good looks, good movement (not comparable to a $1300 Hamilton though), doesn't scratch too easily. I managed to find a Flieger leather band with rivets to fit this small size (18mm) and it looks like a watch 8x its price.


Nice time piece.

I have the Hamilton Khaki as well. How ever for the price of the Seiko no regrets. The first watch was gaining a minute a day. They replaced no questions. The Seiko band is longer then the Hamilton.


Amazing value for the money!

Please keep in mind, my rating of this watch is in proportion to its price. I'm not expecting Hamilton Khaki quality for ~$65. That being said, this watch is an amazing value -- a quality mechanical watch for not much more than a Timex Weekender. I like the size, and the design. It looks much nicer in person than in photos, like many watches. I primarily bought this as I wanted something lighter weight than my every-day watch, a Seiko SKX-007. And it's excellent at that. It's actually lighter than it looks. The printing on the dial is excellent. I love the hands. Very easy to read. The exhibition caseback is a nice touch, even if an unadorned 7S26 isn't anything special, I still find it fun. The reason this isn't 4-star is because of the quality of the strap. It's really terrible, ugly, itchy, and poorly finished. It's just poor quality nylon, assembled poorly. The strap that comes with a $30 Timex Weekender is much nicer. I have a couple of NATO straps on the way to replace it -- I don't have anything else at 18mm on hand. The only other real weakness of this watch is that of the 7S26 movement -- the lack of a manual wind function. As I have a handful of watches I switch between, it would be nice to be able to quickly wind by twisting the crown, rather than shaking the thing. Same issue with my SKX-007 The things I think that could be more to my liking, but I'm not holding against it in the review: - I'd prefer if they went with a 20mm strap without increasing the width ... Read More