Reviews for LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light and Sleep Sounds Machine (Blush Pink)

People say Littlehippo is really similar to Hatch Baby.


Amazing! Toddler sleeping in 3 weeks in a row!

I rarely write a review but when your 3 1/2 year old wakes up at 5:30 am every day during a pandemic - you become desperate! We originally had the Hatch and love it for our baby, but as parents it's too easy to just turn the light green and call it defeat. With this, we were unable to give in. Also, My 3 year old understood the concept when it was attached to a "person" and not just a light. We named the night light and nor refer to him by name. My son knows when he goes to bed we go to bed, and when he wakes, we wake. I think the smiley face made a huge difference. Anyways, it works! My son still wakes up at 5:45 some mornings but he now trust that his night light will let him know when the house is ready to wake up. We also paired this with a sticker chart. Waking up and getting the reward of a sticker on his wall also seems to help.


So far so good... very good

Very good product. We've only used it for a week, but it's working well so far. My 3 year old is listening to the rules we set and will only get out of bed when his clock wakes up. Having the face on the clock, and not just the light (like the Hatch baby) is the real winner here. He loves seeing it close it's eyes when he goes to sleep, and wake up when he's allowed to get up. Having two things to reinforce him staying in his room is very helpful. The things that can be worked on: 1) Being able to turn off the 30 minute yellow light (before the green wake up light turns on). I told my son he can just get up when it turns yellow, but it would be nice to have the option to turn that middle setting off entirely 2) Increasing the volume of the machine. My son also needs the white noise on since my husband wakes up so early for work and I want him to sleep through that. The max volume is not really loud at all, so I have to use his other sound machine I already had. Would be nice to only use the one clock instead of two machines. 3) Having the option of dimming the night light. It's just too bright for my son so, again, I don't use it. I like a very low light in his room (just enough so it's not pitch black if he has to get up to go to the bathroom) so we still have to use a separate night light. Again, would be nice to not have to use two separate things With all this said, I still really like the product. I don't typically like giving reviews with such little use, but it's doi... Read More



***update*** the company reached out to me and sent me a new one. I added two stars. The new one is working great so far. Not having the problems I had with the last one. If that changes, I’ll bump it back down to two stars. I’m leaving it at 4 because I think there’s a lot of room for improvement. Being able to set a different wake up time for weekends would be AWESOME and the sound on this new one isn’t nearly as loud as the sound on the last one. Overall, it does the job. However, I bought a hatch rest for our baby and it has been a life saver. Bluetooth is GREAT! The fact that you can’t just plug it in and go was irritating as well as the fact that there’s a battery. After about 7 months the sound and light would randomly turn off...multiple times...within seconds or minutes each time. We use the sound all night for my kids since we have a small house and my husband works from home at night and I teach for VIPKID in the morning. So having a reliable machine is a must. Just enough irritating things for me to not recommend purchasing.


Needs Some Improvement, But Great Customer Service!

It's not bad, but I expected more for $50. There are only three sounds, and the functions are very limited. For example, the Sleep/Wake function can be programmed with respect to the sleep and wake times, but the night light and sound must be set independently and manually each night, rather than automatically turning on at the programmed sleep time. Also, there is no ability to program separate schedules for week nights and weekend nights, so you have to constantly change the alarm and sleep/wake settings; and, if you forget, your child may wake much earlier on Saturday morning than intended. For the price, I expected something a little more sophisticated that I could set and forget. This is a good effort and could easily be improved, but it's not quite there yet. I'll be returning it in favor of a Hatch Baby, which offers an app and significantly greater automation and customization for only slightly more money. ***Update*** I have increased my rating to 4 stars based upon outstanding customer service. Upon learning of my dissatisfaction, the co-founder reached out to refund my purchase without returning the product. That was very generous and unexpected. Thanks, Stephanie and LittleHippo team! The ideal product for my use case would be one that combines the cute design and features of Mella (the display and clock) with the additional functionality of Hatch Baby. If Mella v2 adds an app, software lockout of controls, and more flexible programming, it would be the best pro... Read More