Reviews for TIME-SERT Metric Kit M12 x 1.5 Part # 1215

People say Timesert is really similar to Helicoil.


Used to replace the threads for an 81 rabbit

I bought this kit to replace the head bolt threads in the block of an 81 VW rabbit diesel. They were installed almost 2 years ago and are holding strong. Un-known to me until the gasket blew, the previous owner replaced the threads with helicoils. Needless to say, the helicoils gave out and took the threads in the block out so replacing the coil wasn't an option. The Time-sert drill bit was just slightly larger than the helicoil hole which made it fairly easy to clean out the pulled threads once I removed the old coils. Install is fairly easy as long as you follow the included instructions to install with attention to detail. You want to make sure you drill the holes NICE AND STRAIGHT. Obviously if the holes are a little off the bolt heads wont seat correctly in the head holes.


Expensive but Superior for Insert Thread Repair

I was going to use a Helicoil to repair the stripped threads in my aluminum brake caliper. I gave these a shot on the recommendation of a friend. Overall, the solid steel sleeve is much more robust than the 'springy' helicoil inserts. Additionally, the top of the insert is flanged, giving a beefy stop to pull out. Another perk: The outer diameter of the insert is smaller than helicoils, so if it does fail (seems really unlikely) you can drill it out and start again without losing much material... Helicoils require going quite a bit larger, losing lots of base material every time. As for the kit: I consider myself handy, but certainly not a machinist, and I thought the whole process was pretty straight forward. The kit includes everything you need to drill out, tap, insert, and set the inserts. Includes 5 inserts. If you're really anal, you could add a drop of red Loctite (not included) to the outer insert threads for peace of mind. Great product, will definitely recommend. Product website [...]


Very nice kit. Follow the instructions and you should have no trouble

I actually bought this for a purpose other than for which it is intended. My son's BMW had some damaged wheel lug sockets on one hub. We could have replaced the hub but I realized this kit would allow us to fix the hub. The kit comes with everything we needed and good instructions (although the instructions are for using it as head bolt socket repair). We were able to drill out and counter sink the damaged holes. Then install the helicoils using permanent threadlocker. Everything worked as it should have. We had the lug bolts holding full torque quickly. I knocked off one star because it would have been nice to have a drill guide to make drilling the hole perfectly straight easier. I was able to make my own with a wood block and drill press but I could have saved the trouble if the kit had included one.