Reviews for Black Cube Hybrid Quick Release Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Nonstick Coating, Oven-Safe Cookware, 9.5 Inches

People say Black Cube is really similar to Hexclad.


Best pan I have ever had

I was skeptical, but not anymore. This pan is the best of all worlds. I got the small one, perfect for single steaks and frying eggs. Black Cube is much less expensive than Hexclad, and the insides are the same. Hexclad has the nonstick characteristics on the outside also, but I’m not sure why you would need that. Anyway, these are literally the perfect hybrid. They are completely nonstick, you can use metal utensils, you can use them in the oven, AND you can wash them in the dishwasher. I was ready to be disappointed, but was pleasantly surprised. This is the perfect hybrid of professional stainless and nonstick! If I find as good an offer on the bigger pans you can bet I will get them also!


That this Black Cube frying pan is AWESOME & For most as good as the 3 times as expensive HexClad

It provides all the benefits of teflon, but is way better since here you can use sharp steel tools without even scratching it one bit. It also heats up VERY fast on our induction cooktop, relative to our teflon pans that we just tossed out. We first bought a Hexclad since we knew that Teflon is just not good for you and wanted to test out some new innovative solution so we first bought the 10" HexClad on sale and loved it , then we were to order one more but 8" and found the BlackCube that looked the same but is about 1/3 of the price, so we got one 8" Hexclad and one 8" BlackCube and they are equally good in our kitchen. Maybe if you're in in a restaurant using gas, that the external Hex-coating is adding some benefits since it will enable owners to keep the outside as new too, but for us, they work equally well. Normally I don't rave about products, but this one is for sure worth promoting because we really love it and also because it likely will last a very long time, even if treated tough, thus it's good for the environment too and the wallet. I am going to learn more about the Hex-technology.


So far so good

I got it to compare with Hexclad. Both of them are so far so good. I guess at least this one is cheaper...


Not hexclad!!

This pan is ok. I thought I was buying hexclad so I was quite disappointed when this arrived. It is not the quality I was hoping for but it’s ok.