Reviews for Coleman Autoseal FreeFlow Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

People say Coleman is really similar to Hydro Flask.


available in regular and jumbo size, works well, and well thought out.

I have the 24oz in sandstone and the 40oz in slate. I use the 24oz one every day, and have been using it for about two months now. I think it is a great design in both sizes and I'm glad I found it. My kid was a fan of the insulated contego autoseal travel mugs, and that started me looking for something to suit my needs as the 24oz contego offering says no hot beverages. When shopping for an alternative I found these. So, things I think it is worth knowing, some of which don't seem to be mentioned in other reviews: - The finish is a textured paint. It adds a bit of grip and is a lot less slick than a lot of other bottles. -the 24oz fits in cup holders. All the ones I have tried so far. - It's an insulated bottle, not a refrigerated bottle. The bigger the difference between what is inside it and the ambient temp, the longer it takes to warm up. If you just put in something that is cool, don't expect it to hold that temperature for extended periods. If you want refreshingly cold water 10 hours from now, start with some ice in it. -The bigger bottles work better at keeping stuff cool. They may have more insulating space, you can't tell without cutting it open, but it definitely starts with more cool/hot stuff and at least as much insulation. -In my experience for the 24oz bottle, starting with a refrigerator cold beverage, it's just "cool" after about 4-5 hours. But starting with ice water in the 40oz, I had that sucker out in the sun in my cart in 85F+ weather and it was refr... Read More


Literally the BEST waterbottle I've ever had - and I've had a lot

Okay, so I'm already in love with this waterbottle and I've had it for a week. My last waterbottle broke twice (I loved it enough to replace it with the exact same kind (Bubba Trailblazer)) and they collectively lasted 8 months, so I decided to move away from the straw waterbottles, as much as I love them, there are just too many parts that can get broken and then make the bottles unusable (ex: The Coldest Water Bottle, HydroFlask, Eddy Camel Backs, etc.). This water bottle is an easy, one-handed drink that I loved in my standard Contigo water bottle, with the added benefit that it locks the release water button to ensure that it is 100% solid leak proof. It's insulated like my trailblazer bubba (Bubba kept ice cold for 24 hours), and it has a 46-hour coldness timeframe. Like. More than TWO DAYS of ice staying capability, who's ever heard of that? Coleman is definitely underselling that point. But unlike my trailblazer, this guy can handle HOT drinks as well! I haven't tried hot yet, but it for sure keeps my ice longer than a day (if I don't refill it a million times with warm water). Okay, so like the yeti cups and hydro flask, it has a silicone bottom so that it doesn't make noise when you put it down or scuff up your table. Which is a nice feature. I wouldn't have thought I wanted that until I had it. There's a dust cover for the mouthpiece which is what both Contigo and Eddy Camel back are missing so that when I put it in my backpack or car to roll around I'm not worri... Read More


Best Water Bottle I Have Ever Used

This is my favorite water bottle I have ever used. It is 100% leak proof and it is very sturdy for a water bottle. It is not malleable plastic like other water bottles like Hydro Flask. It is made of stainless steel, alot stronger than plastic bottles. Whether you use it as a water bottle or to keep your drinks warm, you can't go wrong. I honestly don't mind the extra protection it has with the button you have to push in and hold in order to open the suction part of the lid to drink out of. It even has a locking mechanism. It is not necessary but it is a nice option to have. The best part about this bottle is the price. Only around $17-18. It is such a great price.


Much cheaper than hydro flask and does the same job

Originally I had a hydro flask which I loved for the size and convenience of taking 40oz of water to work. But, since hydro flasks are so trendy right now it was taken after leaving it at work overnight. So instead of paying over $40 for another water bottle that I am likely to leave around work or the gym I went for the Coleman version at half the price. I read the reviews about how the Coleman does not keep the water cold as long as the hydro flask...I think this is true. Although, I did fill my bottle up with ice water and over 8 hours later there was some clinging of ice in the morning. keeps water cold for some time. Another feature other than the price that convinced me to buy the coleman was the auto seal. Hydro flasks do not have this feature and if you're lazy like me then you'll want to pick up the bottle and drink and then not worry about putting the cap back on. We have all dropped our water caps on the floor and then had to wash them. This is purely for cold water so I don't see myself using it for hot liquid. If you don't want to spend the money on the hydro flask then get the coleman. It does the job and its very convenient to have the auto seal


Love it more than my hydro flask!

This water bottle is nearly indestructible! Unlike my hydro flask, it has been dropped countless times and not a dent to be found. It keeps my water ice cold and doesn't leak thanks to the handy locking mechanism. It also fits nicely into my cupholder and backpack side pocket. LOVE this water bottle.


Great product, great price

I really like the top and its spout design. Not as good at insulating cold drinks as say my old hydro flask of the same size, but for the price I really can't complain since I keep dropping or smacking them into things. Surprisingly like the loop on top to carry it. Also I was able to fit my old rubber bottom thing from old hydro flask on this one perfectly which was nice.


Easy to drink and keeps water COLD

I got the 40oz version of this water bottle because I had been using a 24oz hydro flask and wanted a bigger water bottle since I found myself wanting to refill the small one often and wanted something that wouldn't leak if I put it on it's side (the hydro flask spout version doesn't seal completely). I LOVE this water bottle. It keeps ice in it for over a day (I haven't tried anything more than this) and it is easy to drink from. Bonus: the rubber on the bottom is amazing. It doesn't make that metallic clink on anything when you set it down on a table.


Works great!

I'm giving this 5 stars because I love it. I bought the 24 oz size. Works great. I bought it for cold water. I put 4 average sized ice cubes in it & fill it with refrigerated water. I usually finish the water & there is still ice in it. I can refill with more cold water & it stays cold. I've filled it at midnight, left it on my night table, at 7am it still has ice in it. My hydro flask never did. I'm purchasing another.


Better than hydro flask

At least twice cheaper. Easier one hand access, just a click of a button. No leaks, just like hydro flask. I actually now have 3 of these.


Best Insulated Bottle in History.

I have 2 hydro flasks 40 and 32oz, 1 Kleen Kanten 20oz, 3 the Coldest Water bottles 32oz 64 and 21 and takeya active 40oz. This is the best bottle of all of them. The rubber bottom is great it doesn't slip or make sounds on tables or damage glass tables, the coating is ridiculously durable and oilophobic (anti-oil) and the spout is the best. It automatically seals, easy to clean, there's a sanitary cap on it, never spilled once on me, it locks so it doesn't leak. Using all other bottles is a hassle and I carry this with me to travel everywhere instead of those bottles. I have never had a single spill using this. Only thing to make this perfect is make the cap all black and make the design a little better for the 40oz one. It's a little ugly. I think a 36oz option without the awkward long neck would've been the perfect bottle. So it's the best bottle available if you don't care about looks or anesthetics.