Reviews for Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler, Black

People say Spring Chef is really similar to Ikea.


Ridiculously amazing

Ok so the peeler I’ve used for the better part of a decade was from Ikea… so my expectations were low BUT this is amazing! I peeled about 10 pounds of apples with hardly any effort. Didn’t hurt my hand like my old one. Didn’t have to stop and clean it between apples. This peeler does just what it’s supposed to do. Just give it a try.


Smooth like buttaaa!

Best peeler I've ever used. Loved my Ikea one but after many years it came time for me to get a new one. Came across this one and figured I'd try it out - I was amazed by how smoothly it glided and peeled my apple flawlessly.


Quality Peeler for the picky one!

Hello Amazon shoppers! This is mrunderland with another review on product front! I've got the spring chef premium, because my girlfriend managed to destroy my other potato peeler from Ikea. lucky but unlucky! haha! Otherwise let's get to the real deal here. Exactly WHAT is this! ITS A KICKASS potato peeler,apple peeler you name it! This is my honest review and not sponsored or paid by anyone to tell anything else: When i first saw the potato peeler i thought, holy **** this is huge. BUT then i holding it in my arms and becoming like WOW.! The producer has made it like this for an reason. its a great hold, the peeler are sharp like it should be and i can tell.. to be a hated potato peeler to a potato peeler lover. nothing can compare to this peeler. the price are great compared to the value as a private person. it peels only the essential of the skin and doens't bring out layers of layers. the pinpoint to peel out bad quality is a bit meh, but doesn't drag that down from a 5 star. its a personal benefit if you are using it or not! Overall if you look for a peeler that does the job, but you want more ergonomical peeler that is comfortable in your hand. you should deffo buy this one. #amatourchef at home house and this is just top notch! overall 9.9/10 (The spike to peel out bad drags it down 0.1) Otherwise looking away from that its a top 10 peeler from me! So i say its a YES!


Amazing Peeler!

I love this peeler! If you have ever canned vegetables from your garden, particularly potatoes, you understand how much time you spend using this tool. It fits your hand perfectly, and peels like a dream. I also have one from IKEA which I like a lot, but this one is even better!


Pleased with this peeler, so far.

There aren't many layers here. This is a solid peeler that is comfortable, durable and effective. It's swivel is a little stiff but that doesn't effect the operation too much. My last peeler was from Ikea and the blade fell off after 3 years. I feel a peeler should be good for at least 5-7 years. Even the cheap ones should be pushing on 5 years. I have high hopes for this one!