Reviews for Mato & Hash Crew Length 5 Toe Sport Performance Socks

People say Mato Hash is really similar to Injinji.


finally an alternative to the expensive injinji toe sock

the crew length is far more comfortable than the (shorter) active athletic; it is a great substitute for the injinji brand toe socks -- lower price, comparable quality. [i have literally tried every brand]


Five Stars

Great alternative to injinji


Wiggle your toes

Just what my son wanted. Nice quality at a lower price point than injinji.


Good socks, fear not.

Very pleased with my socks. I have the injinji brand also, and though these seem to be made from a slightly different yarn I am very happy with them. ---update After a year and a half I still like these socks. They have stayed tight and kept their color well. The top elastic is tight, which on my cankles means that when I go through airport security they usually want to give my ankles a pat-down (not kidding, the socks are tight enough to look on the scanner like I might have something strapped to my leg). Since it's ankles it's not troublesome. If my skin is very dry the socks will slide down a bit, but a little bit of lotion and the socks stay up all day even after a year and a half of wear. I bought more of these, and I bought some in black to wear with dress shoes also. ---update again Bought more of these socks to replace another brand's socks that haven't kept their color and have been stretching out. My original Mato & Hash are still going strong and I've bought them on three different occasions now. Still very happy.