Reviews for Powerextra 4.0Ah 14.4V Replacement Battery Compatible with Roomba R3 500 600 700 800 900 Series 500 510 531 535 540 550 552 560 570 580 595 620 650 660 700 760 770 780 790 800 870 900

People say Powerextra is really similar to Irobot.


A Great Deal for a Roomba Battery

If this battery lasts even half as long as the last battery I purchased for my Roomba, it was still a great deal. The last battery I bought for my 500 series was the $89.99 "extended life" battery from iRobot. I only got 2 years out of it which is the same life I got from the standard batteries. I've only used the new battery for 3 cleaning cycles so far, but it is doing great. You even get a 2-pack of side brushes which currently cost $4.99 a piece on the iRobot site. The manufacturer of this battery recommends that you condition it when you first get it. To do this: 1. Install the new battery and let it charge fully. 2. Start a clean cycle and unplug the charging base while the robot is cleaning. 3. Let Roomba run until it is completely discharged (red circle of death). 4. Fully charge the battery and repeat steps 2 and 3. Now your Roomba is happy and ready to clean! I'll update this review when I have to replace the Powerextra battery.


So far so good - update

I recently purchased this battery for my aging 600 series Roomba and so far it has worked like a dream. Many of the negative reviews complained about the install and how the battery life didn't last. I've only been using it for about a week so I have to reserve judgement on the longevity but the install was super easy and there are no rattles. Best part is that the battery came charged and I sent the robot around the living room for almost an hour and the only reason it stopped is because it announced that it had completed the job. I'm going to make sure to use it more often and to unplug it when not in regular use to save battery life. However, for the price I do recommend using this item in order to save on not purchasing an official replacement battery or a new Roomba itself. Update for this product: I purchased this last year and at the end of the summer of 2020 my vacuum started having issues with not holding a charge. It would run for 15 to 20 minutes and then quit. I contacted the company via email and explained the situation. They were very kind and said that it was out of warranty but would provide a 10% off coupon for my next order. Considering how cheap this battery is compared to the official iRobot product I figured is still better than buying another cleaner. During the time that of my correspondence I was asked to take a picture of the battery to send to them. My wife had cleaned the vacuum and tried other tricks to try and get it to work but she hadn't opened... Read More


Better than the manufacturers battery for a lot less

We purchased is battery replacement for our Roomba 581 model, because II original manufactures battery at 2200 milliamp was no longer holding a charge. I bought this room by brand new 2 months after it was released onto the market and after using it for years the original manufactures battery started to fail, so I got a replacement from Roomba at $80 years ago, the battery replacement was an iRobot brand extra life extended battery. That battery begin to fail halfway into 2017 the battery would only hold enough charge two partly clean the living room. Refusing to pay $80 for another battery that didn't seem to last that long in the first place got me prompted the search for a cheaper replacement even though for a generic version. Using Adblock course and simply doing a Google search at this Amazon page came right up this was highly recommended by users and Amazon itself. Still being a little skeptical about paying only $20 for a battery that's extended life as well I went for it I figured if it doesn't work I'll send it back. The battery first arrived in the early weeks of December I fully charged it and Roomba was able to clean the entire house on a full charge just like I was able to do with the $80 replacement extra large capacity battery from the manufacturer, the original battery from room but would require two full charges to clean the house. I have zero complaints with the battery and works just as well as the $80 battery I bought, but time will tell if it can hold ... Read More


880 irobot with error code 1, updated replacement works great

Unfortunately with the irobot 880 series it's getting a charging error code 1. Unfortunate because I thought it was gonna work. Tried several things to fix it too. Update. Company sent another battery and worked just fine.


Great Replacement Battery for Roomba 500!

My roomba 500 would not charge. The light was flashing in an odd way and was making a clicking noise. I called iRobot tech support and they walked me through an extensive troubleshooting session. We were unable to correct the problem and the rep recommended that I buy a new roomba because there was an internal charging error that could not be repaired. Well...I looked up the new roombas and didn't want to spend that much money on a new one at this time. I was going to give up and just do without it. My husband suggested it could be the battery was dead. He checked it on a meter he had and it did appear dead. He thought it would be worth it to buy a new battery to see if that would work. I told him the replacement batteries were very expensive. I had only looked at them on the iRobot site. He searched here on Amazon and found this replacement battery for about 1/4 of the price! I was a little dubious about using a battery not made by the original manufacturer but we decided that for the price it was worth the risk. Well...I just installed the battery and set my roomba on the charging station. The amber light is pulsing the way it's supposed to and there's no more strange clicking noise! Of course, I need to let it charge for 16 I can't tell until tomorrow if the roomba will run ok. But it's looking very promising! Moral of the's worth it to try a new battery before buying a whole new appliance!! I am very satisfied. (if roomba doesn't work tomorrow I'... Read More


Fixed charging error 5

No where on the web nor iRobot’s support document said to try new battery. After exhausted other options, I tried a new battery, and it is working. This battery works fine after about 1 month.


Suitable OEM Replacement Battery

iRobot brand batteries are expensive. Fortunately, a bazillion compatible aftermarket replacement batteries are available here on Amazon and elsewhere when your OEM Roomba battery shows signs of imminent death. This Powerextra-brand aftermarket battery is likely identical to the myriad other aftermarket batteries offered here on Amazon and elsewhere, where only the label and the package differentiate brands. It my experience that the "Powerextra" aftermarket battery is perfectly adequate for its intended purpose. I've purchased four Powerextra aftermarket batteries to use in my fleet of Roombas (595, 675, 690) when needed. Though my sample size is small, it seems like these things last around two years under daily use. At ~$25 a unit, this an acceptable recurring maintenance expense. The vendor includes a three side brushes with each Powerextra battery--a nice bit of lagniappe (though I think a filter would be more useful). Still, a nice sweetener when deciding among the slew of competing--and likely identical in all pertinent aspects--of aftermarket replacement batteries.


Great battery

Works great in iRobot 960 last long enough to do the whole house with out recharging no errors when charging highly recommend you can go wrong with this battery in a iRobot 960


UPDATED - "Charging error 5" after only 2.5 months

This replacement battery worked great at first. It lasted longer than the old lithium ion battery from iRobot that came with my Roomba 960. However, after 2.5 months, my Roomba is giving "charging error 5 - charge Roomba" error messages that indicate a malfunction in charging the battery. The Roomba won't charge so the battery is effectively useless. Spend the extra money to get a genuine lithium ion battery from iRobot. UPDATE: Despite iRobot saying that "charging error 5" is caused by a non-genuine battery, I was able to solve my problem by rebooting the Roomba (holding down the power button for 10 seconds while the Roomba is on) and cleaning the home base and battery charging contacts on the Roomba. Powerextra customer service also contacted me to help so they stand by their product. I'm not sure if there was some kind of previous state left from the old battery or not, but the reboot and cleaning seems to have done the trick. My Roomba runs for 90-105 minutes between charges with this battery rather than the 75 minutes of the previous battery.



Update: Seller reached out to me about the battery not working in the 980. I received two batteries and neither one of them worked. Without me asking they reached out to me trying to make it right. They sent me a third battery and it worked perfectly. I have no idea why the first two batteries did not work. So, -1 star for the first two but overall product is great and price is right. 5 stars for the seller for going out of their way to make things right. ORIGINAL REVIEW: DOES NOT WORK WITH THE 980. Don't waste your time and order this battery if you have a 980. It will continually give you an Error 1 and will not charge. You have to get a battery that is specifically made for the 980. Ignore the description that says it works. I bought two of the batteries to insure that one was bad but neither of them worked. I purchased a new battery from Irobot and now my unit works perfectly. Other then that I can not comment on it's function because I never could get it to work.