People say Elf is really similar to Itc.


Great product

Really like this eye cream. My eyes are already sensitive and at times very dry and irritated. I was looking for something for basic, moisturizing, and affordable. Decided to give this a try. Im really glad I did. My eyes no longer feel dry or itchy. It's a very light weight cream that absorbs relatively quickly. Not greasy by any means. Creamy with easy application. I've noticed a decrease in the dark circles under my eyes and they do appear brighter overall. I apply it once a day (pending I don't wear makeup) and the moisture lasts the entire time.


Big Difference

I've noticed a big difference with my eyes. They're usually puffy and have some brown pigment around them but that's not the case anymore. I have a lighter complexion so my biggest insecurity was the brown showing. People would ask me if I was wearing eyeshadow, complimenting me (yikes!). You have to be dedicated and consistent before you see results. I never have an allergic reaction or itchy skin after using this product. I'm a lover 🧡 a little also goes a long way.


Does What I Need It Too...

Without causing any of the skin around or under my eyes to get red. peel, itch, burn, etc. I can tell this will last a long time too. Been using this for several weeks and I really like it. My skin is so temperamental to retinol I just use any eye creams with that in them. This eye cream is gentle on my skin and it hydrates so well.


Great over-all eyecare product!

I bought this I believe several weeks ago and it is the ONLY eye cream I have ever used that isn't so thick and greasy that you can't wear during the day AND doesn't make my eyes itch and water! I've tried every thing from high-end to middle drugstore priced to extreme budget brands and I have to say this blew those out of the water! I love this eye cream and I am noticing much more hydration under my eyes as well as a more well-rested look even without make-up. I use it twice a day for best results. I like it so much I've just ordered the serum in the line and if that works out (I have very sensitive skin and eyes) I plan on purchasing the other 2 products as well!


Nice Eye Cream!

Really nice! This cream is very moisturizing and velvety feeling. It dries quickly (which is perfect for oily skin!) and is a great way to prime around your eyes. The only thing I noticed is that it makes my skin a little itchy (I have very sensitive skin) Regardless, I think its a very nice product.