Reviews for True Match Super-Blendable Foundation Makeup

People say Loreal Paris is really similar to Itc.



I'm so glad you finally made some lighter shades, as I had tried the shade C1 and not only was it too dark, but it turned orange on me. On a whim I bought shade N0.5 after trying so many other foundations and failing to find the perfect match. It is literally the color of my skin, but better. It blends like a dream, but also sets and nearly disappears to feel like nothing on your face. It's buildable, other brands work well with it (I use maybelline concealer, and they mingle beautifully). I have pretty sensitive skin as well, and I don't react to it badly at all. No itching or breakouts as long as I remember to wash my face before bed. After all the trouble I went through to find this holy grail, I will only buy this shade from this brand for as long as it is available, and even pay twice as much if I had to.


Love it

Use a moisturizer then the foundation then a final touch of loose powder and nice . What's great is that I'm really sensitive and don't get itchy compared to high brands . Have no regrets.


LOVE this Product

I usually do not need all over foundation, but when I do, this is the only foundation I use. I use it as a coverage around the eyes and nose area. The consistency is great. It is never heavy, and it does not cause that itching feeling some of the cheaper brands tend to. It actually brightens up my skin. Absolutely love it!