Reviews for Not Your Mothers All Eyes On Me 10-In-1 Hair Perfector 6 Ounce (177ml) (Null)

People say Nymnot Your Mothers is really similar to Its A 10.



I have been trying to find a cheaper dupe for the leave in conditioner “Its a 10” and either it made my hair super oily, weighed my hair down to ZERO volume instead of just controlling it, didn’t even help with tangles, etc. Then I was turned onto this product and though it’s not as cheap as I was going for it is definitely still worth the price and saving $2 is better than saving $0!!!


good value for the money

i got this bc i was seeing people say its a 10 dupe.. i wouldnt go that far but it does make my hair really soft but you only need a small amount or it will weigh your hair down and make greasy. overall i am happy with it. i dont think the smell is bad like others said. i find it apealing.