Reviews for Matte Black Lipstick Long Lasting Waterproof No Stick Cup - Linda

People say Mynena is really similar to Jeffree Star.


Yes and no..

I ordered the color zoe and when the product arrived I was a little confused, while it looks like a nice nude shade online(I thought it looked almost like a dupe for celebrity skin by Jeffree Star) it was definitely a red lipstick when I got it, it was very pretty but a brick red, not a nude shade at all. The product itself smells great, almost like kylie lip products, and the application is great. It is pretty opaque and dries down and is definitely smear proof. It is pretty drying so you need to exfoliate your lips beforehand or it will flake off and kinda feather near the center of your lips, you can reapply but need to wipe off some of the "crusty" spots first or the layering will look and feel like your lips are dead. Overall I enjoyed the product, though the color was not as I expected so will not work for the outfit/occasion I needed it for.