Reviews for Amazon Essentials Men's Crewneck Undershirts, Pack of 6

People say Amazon Essentials is really similar to Jockey.


Really nice - don’t buy at local retailers

Good quality! Better than Haines and fruit of the loom! So soft. Almost feel like that bamboo fabric (IT IS NOT BTW). I would compare to jockey brand quality wises


These are definitely undershirts rather than T-shirts.

These are definitely undershirts rather than T-shirts. The fabric is too thin for a T-shirt, but okay for layering under another shirt. The tailoring isn't acceptable for an outer-shirt, but fine for an undershirt. Since these are marketed as undershirts rather than T-shirts, these are not negatives, just something to consider when placing your order. These compare solidly to a Jockey or Fruit of the Loom undershirt and I would give them 3-stars for that. However, for my wearing comfort, the single most important feature is the length. These are several inches longer than the typical product so they stay firmly tucked in, and for that they get 2 extra stars. I would definitely purchase again.


nice undershirts, cost effective

Product Pros: Soft, long tuck in length, affordable. Product bads: an inch longer on sleeve. Overall, the undershirts are soft, nice cotton, the length is right. Tucks in like an undershirt should. After washes it's still notably soft like any other cotton shirt. The arms is an inch longer than I like, but roll it up and it's all good to go. I've had jockey, fotl, van huesen, it's all pretty good.


Just as good if not better than name brand

I bought these for my partner. He goes through undershirts like crazy in the summer. I was impressed with the quality of these shirts. They are softer and longer than his games fotl and jockey. Surprisingly good shirts for the price! Would purchase again and recommend.


Surprising Quality

I'm impressed so far. I recently received my 6 pack of shirts and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. They look and feel great. Very comparable to the Jockey brand I've worn for years. We'll see how they hold up over time and maybe I'll amend this review in about 6 months.


Great purchase!

These Amazon t shirts are surprisingly soft! 100% cotton can’t beat it! They feel the same to me as the Jockey undershirts for a fraction of the price