Reviews for Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil, Clear, 1 Fluid Ounce

People say Physicians Formula is really similar to Josie Maran.


Physicians Formula argan oil is just as good as the fancier brands

I regularly used Josie Maran argan oil till I did some reading on beauty sites and discovered that I was WAY overpaying for the stuff. Pure argan oil is pure argan oil, whether it's $45 an ounce or $12 an ounce. Physicians Formula argan oil is just as good as the fancier brands, but at a fraction of the price. As someone who routinely moisturizes her face, this product can't be beat! Will definitely continue to buy.


Great product great price

Great product at a great price. I like it as 99% as well as the Josie Maran for a fraction of the cost. Use on eyes bags,nails and cuticles, and hair. My manicurist says my nail have never looked this good.


NOT a primer but an AWESOME anti-aging oil! BUY IT!!

This is a great product. It says it can be a primer but it isn't really made for that so of you're needing a primer I don't recommend this item for that. Allure gave it a "best of 2016" award and I highly recommend it for moisture and for the anti-aging benefits. No scent at all which is fabulous. It is an oil but once it soaks in there is NO greasy feel just a beautiful sheen on your skin, I have tried other oils that just make me feel gross and greasy but this is not one of those. Works well for cuticles or on the ends of your hair too. I have combination skin and my forehead is oily so I use less on my forehead and more on the dryer parts of my face. The dropper makes it easy to get just the right amount. I use this morning and night on my face, neck and chest. Use it just once and you will fall in love. LOVE THIS STUFF!! Update: using on face, neck, chest & hands AM & PM for almost a year this bottle has lasted me THAT long. A little goes a long way. ALSO you can tell an oil is pure if it's in a dark, glass bottle. It's because sunlight can penetrate a clear bottle & break it down. That's how you will know it is a great facial oil. So always look for that. **Also another person noted that this brand's ingredients & Josie Maran's are exactly the same but the price difference is HUGE. First time EVER a high end oil has been available at a drug store price. Again...BUY IT! Completely worth it.


Great for moisturizing sensitive skin!

I have very sensitive skin (rosacea). I read in the reviews that this product was helpful with rosacea, but I don't see that it helped with mine. That aside, I am pleased with the fact that it moisturizes my skin very nicely and doesn't irritate my skin further. I can imagine that when winter comes, this will be even more appreciated. I use 4 drops per application. I also use some makeup that uses argan oil - Physician's Formula bronzer and Josie Maran's cheek gel. My face is not oily at all.