Reviews for Godefroy Barbers Choice Beard and Mustache Color Single Application Kit, Medium Brown

People say Godefroy is really similar to Just For Men.


Best product I've ever used. Colors even the most stubborn grey.

Best facial hair product I have ever used. I've tried the Just for Men products because they were what was readily available but was never happy with the results. The color didn't appear natural and there was always a lot of gray that it simply wouldn't dye. This product is amazing. Natural looking color. Colors stubborn grey and although it says single use - I've been able to get two uses out of each package by carefully dividing the unmixed contents and saving for later.


Five Stars

A great solution to avoid the current discomfort I was experiencing with the reformulated "Just For Men" dye products.


Way better than just for men

Way better than just for men, last longer, and don't burn my skin or cause s rash , love it


Best Beard Dye I have tried and I have tried ...

Best Beard Dye I have tried and I have tried them all no itchy rash or irritation like Just 4 Men. Long lasting as well.