Reviews for Envirocare Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags made to fit Kenmore Canister Type C/Q. 5055, 50557 and 50558 Panasonic Type C-5,15 pack

People say Envirocare is really similar to Kenmore.


The yellow ones do a better job

I bought my Kenmore in 2003 and got the yellow bags. Since 2007 I have been using the white, cheaper bags and they are hard to get off the red "plate". I got these so I wouldn't have so much trouble changing the bags and they keep more dust particles out of the air.


Good bags & value

Great product for my Kenmore vac.


That they are made well so all of dirt is trapped inside.

Kenmore vacuum cleaner


Just what I needed.

Fits my Kenmore canister vac Model 116 26312602. 3 packs of 5 are included. I'm set for the next few years.


Canister vac / Good value

Fits my kenmore canister vac perfectly and does the job. Only down fall is if you install it aggressively onto where the hose meets the bag opening, it will tear. So my advice, be gentle. Other than that I’ve been ordering them for years.


Great value

Been using Envirocare bags for years. Always a good fit and great value for our Kenmore canister vac. Because of our dog, bags need to be changed more often, so it's good to have reliable and reasonably priced bags.


Kenmore Replacement Vacuum cleaner Bags

Easy to install and good value.


NOT Impressed.

Not too impressed with these bags. I've had two of them split open inside my canister. Granted, the bag shown in photo is pretty full, but the first time it happened, the bag was half full. I noticed, on another review, it was mentioned how flimsy the spot where the cardboard attaches to the bag is. I have noticed this as well. Every bag I've removed from canister has ripped at the cardboard flap. Once these bags are gone, I'm going back to the Kenmore bags. Tired of having to vaccum and dust where my bags burst after I'd just finished cleaning!


Perfect for my older Kenmore canister vacuum.

Easy install and perfect fit.


Kenmore Vacuum bags

Perfect replacement for my Kenmore Canister Vacuum bags! The vacuum cleaner was in storage for about 8 years and now is roaring back to life. Works like new!