Reviews for Herstyler Hair Repair Serum - Argan Oil Hair Serum, Vitamin E Hair Serum and Aloe Vera Hair Serum for Frizz Control, Shine and Straightening - Coz Love is in the Hair - 2 Fl. Oz, 60 Ml

People say Herstyler is really similar to Kerastase.


Best Serum No Doubt Ever!

Seriously the VERY BEST hair serum I have ever used. I've bought 6 or so other very expensive serums, usually Kerastase, Moroccan Oil. There is nothing like this and if, of all the beauty products I use and are my favorites, if there is one product of all my favorites they discontinued, this one would be the most disappointing. I've never tried any high end serum that comes close. You can put a lot of it in even fine hair (mine is fine, but I have a lot of it), to decrease frizz dramatically and add amazing shine. If I go to the hairdresser I can't wait to redo my hair in a few days so I can get this back in it. I have no idea how they do it or make it because my first try of this was in a mall, where the people in the carts hand you a sample. Every other serum gets heavy and weighs my hair down and doesn't give it as much shine and feels dirty sooner. This never happens with this product. I've found that purchasing it online is as good as the original I bought for $65.00 or something crazy like that. Never had a batch online that I didn't love just as much. Highly recommend. I put 3-4 pumps and rub my hands together and apply to my front section of hair then my bangs where I like a lot of shine, then another 3-4 pumps for the underneath which is very curly frizzy, then a bit of the leftover on any damaged sections. You can air dry or blow dry. Amazing. I don't put it every where but I'm sure you could and would still love it.


Better than the expensive serums

In the mall you pay twice as much. This is a bargain. I rarely write a review, but don't waste your money on more expensive serums. You'll love this!